What are kucoin numbers (num), and how do they work?

Two tech geeks who were early blockchain users are behind KuCoin. Michael, who began computing at the age of eight and launched his first company at sixteen, instantly began mining btc price after hearing about Bitcoin 2012 from his supervisor Eric in 2021. However, when he attempted to sell some BTC on Mt. Gox, he discovered that the world’s largest platform at the time was challenging to navigate for newcomers. As blockchain became more widely adopted, Michael and Eric saw that it was transforming the financial system to benefit everyone in the globe, including the least educated, unemployed, and unbanked. They wrote KuCoin’s first crypto prices towards the end of 2013.

What is the Numbers Protocol, and how does it work?

Numbers Protocol is a decentralised photo and video network that aims to build a community around digital media that values and trusts it. It seeks to re-establish and restore trust in digital media, which is at an all-time low, by bringing integrity and authenticity to the table.

Num’s revolutionary Capture, Seal, Trace process allows individuals to trace and authenticate the authenticity and integrity of digital assets over the new decentralised photo network for Web 3.0.

What is the Numbers Protocol and how does it work?

The Numbers Protocol combats digital intellectual property theft by providing an ecosystem that allows users to authenticate the legitimacy of an image or video and track its history, including who owns it.

Multiple data layers are present in these images, including aspects like creation certificate, ownership, content provenance, and history. The metadata in the Captures serves as the foundation for the complete photo network. This data is also immutable, thanks to the blockchain network.

Numbers Protocol has participants for developing, archiving, and verifying content, as well as strengthening the authenticity and legitimacy of the written photographs to function efficiently.

Who is the inventor of the Numbers Protocol?

Numbers Protocol is the work of a four-person team. Bofu Cheng, a software architect; Tammy Young, a particle physicist and data scientist; Sophia Yan, a business development expert; and Phil Chen, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, are among them.

What exactly is the NUM token, and what is its purpose?

NUM is a cryptocurrency market, sometimes known as virtual tokens or coins, that was created to reward those who generate, archive, and verify content with integrity.

“Create to earn,” “Verify to earn,” and “Prove to earn” are the ecosystem’s incentive mechanisms.

It is currently hard to track an image’s origins on the internet, let alone verify its legitimacy or who owns it. However, copying and manipulating any image on the internet is considerably more manageable. As a result, there is no protection for digital media, and consumers have little faith in such production.


With its 30 years of growth, the internet has morphed from humble beginnings as a research tool and professional work to be a core part of our lives. Accessing and sharing information is quicker and much easier than before. But unfortunately, just as it is easy to share data, it has become much easier to copy and steal other people’s work.

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