What Can You Do With a Business Marketing Degree?

Can you believe that the global advertising industry is worth more than $590 billion?

With every company trying to outshine its competitors, you can bet that this industry will continue to explode over the years. Earning a bachelor’s degree in this field could open the door to all kinds of exciting and lucrative career opportunities.

Are you wondering if you should pursue a degree in business marketing? Keep reading to learn all about what you can do with a business marketing degree.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts play a crucial role in helping companies develop new products, services, advertisements, and more.

You’ll assess how the public responds to these releases so that businesses can make adjustments that will maximize their success.

Marketing Assistant

Company marketing assistant jobs will always be in high demand. This job is a perfect opportunity for fresh graduates who want to learn from experienced professionals in the field.

You’ll learn all kinds of important marketing duties so that you can grow your career over the years.

Social Media Manager

If you want to reach for the top, then you could become a social media manager by earning a master’s degree linked here.

People who enjoy using social media can help businesses improve their brand by engaging with the public on social media. You’ll need to be creative and keep up with the latest trends to create fun and helpful content.


Anyone who has a knack for creative writing could thrive as a copywriter. Copywriters are the people who come up with the text that companies use in their marketing campaigns and promotional materials.

You’ll need to become an expert at SEO to take your company to the top.

Public Relations Specialist

Another one of the most popular business marketing jobs is a public relations specialist. There’s some overlap with copywriting since some public relations specialists also write press releases and other materials to enhance a company’s image.

You’ll also need to be comfortable with public speaking if you do press releases.

Sales Representative or Manager

Are you someone who has strong people skills? You could be a valuable asset to companies that need help increasing sales.

You can start are a sales representative and climb your way to the top if that’s your passion.

Are You Ready to Earn a Business Marketing Degree?

Now that you’ve learned all about what you can do with a business marketing degree, you can start down a wonderful career path. Your business marketing career is sure to make your family members and friends proud. As long as you break up your goals into manageable chunks, you’ll reach for the stars in no time.

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