The most popular Diamond watches

Diamond watches are not for the everyday person: they’re for the stylish men and women who would like to add an extra special accessory to their unique wardrobe. Diamond watches have been worn by the biggest celebrities, such as Aston Kutcher, Floyd Mayweather and Jay-Z. They’re true status symbols showing success, prestige and elegance. Just like other fashion items, trends in watches change overtime. Keep reading to find out what diamond watches are currently the most popular.

Brand with diamond watches

Rolex is a brand that everybody knows. Its luxurious watches have been worn by the richest of the richest, and are a well known accessory of the movie character James Bond. This prestigious brand also supplies a range of diamond studded watches, suitable for those who like a subtle bling.

The luxurious Rolex watches are made of yellow gold or white gold. The bezel can be made with or without diamonds, which are usually sapphire diamonds. Some of the Rolexes have subtle diamond decorations as others have bling all over the dial. There are even Rolex watches with diamonds where the plate of the clockwork is made with a gemstone, such as Lapis Lazuli, which is exclusively found in Afghanistan.

What are the most popular diamond watches?

Some popular diamond watches from Rolex are the Rolex Diamond Day-Date and the Diamond Rolex Pearlmaster. Other brands with lavish diamond watches are Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Chopard, and Cartier. Some of the most popular watches with diamonds are:

  • Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak Diamond
  • Cartier, Santos Diamond
  • Hublot, Big Bang Diamond
  • Chopard, Happy Diamonds
  • Patek Philippe, Nautilus Diamonds

How do I buy a diamond watch?

Buying a diamond watch is a solid investment. The value of diamonds has only risen since 1960, and with inflation correction has been very stable. If you buy a diamond watch, the changes are that if you decide to sell it again, the value will be approximately the same. For buying diamond watches for a good value, follow the following tips.

Buy a pre-owned watch

Since the prices of diamonds and gold are very stable, buying a pre-owned diamond watch will give you good value for a lower price than in the store. Make sure to buy from a store that has an expert in valuing watches, so that you don’t overpay. Pre-owned watches are a sustainable choice, as you reduce the impact from mining and production.

Determine your budget

Consider that diamond watches are an investment, but don’t pay more than you can. It’s therefore important to determine a budget and don’t spend more than that. Do realize that diamond watches do not come cheap. For example, a pre-owned Rolex Submariner Diamonds costs approximately 12,000 pounds.

The price of a diamond watch is determined by means of several factors. The first factor is the carat weight of the diamonds. If your watch is decorated with a few diamonds, it will cost significantly less than a watch that is decorated entirely with diamonds. The brand and functions of the watch will have a great impact on the price as well.

Be careful with aftermarket watches

Aftermarket watches are watches that have been modified by its owners, after they have been purchased. Some diamond watches, for example, have been purchased without diamonds and have been modified by the owner’s favorite jeweler. These watches are still very valuable because of the materials, but are not authentic anymore and can therefore not be authenticated. Watches that have been modified do also not have factory warranty anymore. Make sure you buy an authentic diamond watch, of which the diamonds have been applied by the manufacturer itself.

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