All You Need To Know About Diamond Rings

Putting your hard-earned money towards a high-value piece of jewelry requires some special considerations. Like any other investment, you must take time and due process to know what you’re getting into.

Diamonds are top-range gemstones that can come with a hefty price tag. Indeed, in terms of luxury products, it is hard to find anything that can compare. The reason for this is because of how rare high-quality stones are. That means supply will not always meet demand. The other reason is the attendant costs of bringing them into the market.

If you are in the market shopping for diamond rings, take a minute to read this article. We will examine some critical factors you need to consider before parting with any money.

Learn About the 4Cs of Diamonds

You need to be aware of four critical factors when buying diamond rings. These are:-

  • Cut is what contributes to the brilliance or sparkle of the diamond. It has a critical role in how much light goes into the stone. A very deep cut, for example, will lead to light loss from the bottom or sides of the stone.
  • Color can range anywhere from icy white to a light yellow. The most expensive stones are colorless. You can also find a range of other diamond colors, including brown, blue, pink, and yellow. Such stones are quite popular and maybe a bit more expensive. Please note that the grading and valuation of colored and colorless stones are different.
  • Carat is the weight of the diamond and will affect the price. Even slight variations of as little as 0.1 carats can have a significant impact.
  • Clarity is the absence of any inclusions or blemishes. As you can imagine, the more flawless the stone, the rarer and pricier it will be.

Now here is the challenge for most diamond ring shoppers. Without relevant training, it can be hard to tell the differences by just looking at the stones.

For something like color, it is easy to see the difference. But the untrained eye may not notice differences in terms of grading. The difference between a G and H color diamond, for instance, will be minimal. Yet, it will affect the price.

The same applies to carat variation or cut. That brings us to our second point: buying from reputable sources.

Buy From Reputable Sources

There are two sources of diamonds in the market.

The diamonds find their way into the market from the primary source via sellers, brokers, and retailers. That means the stones will pass through many hands before they become the diamond ring’s main feature.

It is crucial to buy from reputable sources for one reason. Many people have lost money by buying fake diamonds. Like any other market, some nefarious individuals look for quick ways to make money.

Please note that the diamond industry is very much like an exclusive club. Reputation matters and the players build very solid networks. They will not be forgiving of anyone who wants to destroy their good name. So, take your time to research whoever you are buying from.

Information is plentiful both online and offline. You can also refer to industry bodies, third-party review sites, and dealership websites. And please don’t forget to read customer reviews. This simple yet practical step can save you premium tears in the end.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings as a Less Costly Alternative

We touched on diamond sources above. But allow us to expand a little bit more on lab-grown diamonds. The cost factor is the stumbling block for many people shopping for diamond rings.

Thanks to technology, there is an alternative in the form of lab-grown diamonds. They have become an attractive option for those who cannot afford the more highly-priced mind diamonds. A cursory internet search shows you can spend up to 50% less than you would with mine diamonds.

Another winning argument for lab-grown diamonds is the sustainability aspect. Since everything happens in a lab setting, there is no environmental damage. The diamond industry has had its fair share of adverse reports concerning some of its processes. Some of them are the destruction of the environment, hazardous working conditions, and blood diamonds.

So what about the quality of lab-grown diamonds? Well, there is no compromise in the 4Cs of diamonds. Indeed the grading and certification of the stones are the same as for mined diamonds.

Ring Shape and Style

When shopping for a diamond ring, also consider the shape and style. The most popular is the round shape. But, you should not limit your creativity. Other shapes include pear, princess, radiant, cushion, heart, and marquise. Talk to the retailer if you wish for more customized shapes.

Another important consideration is the ring style. Indeed, it will determine how prominently the diamond appears. Simple factors like the metal band color are essential. White metals like silver, palladium, white gold, and platinum bring out the beauty of the diamonds.

You will want to go for high-quality colorless stones, though. A yellow tint against the white metal may not look that great.

Lower-scale diamonds that contain some color will go well with rose or yellow gold metal. The colors will play off against each other quite well.

Of course, preference matters. If you are shopping for an engagement ring, it helps to know what your partner likes. Also, lifestyle matters. If you need a very active life, you need a strong metal that will give you durability. In this case, platinum would be a good option.

When designing the ring, a good idea is one that accommodates the stones in grooves. That way, you reduce the chances of snagging when engaged in the activities. We reiterate the point of talking to the designer. Professional ones will take time to know your lifestyle, preferences, and input, to come up with the perfect design.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for a diamond ring is exciting and gives you the chance to own something of high value. That is why you should take your time learning everything there is to know about them.

We have looked at the excellent points above, but you need to do a lot more research.

Treat the shopping process like any other high investment strategy. These include getting advice from experts and buying from reputable dealers.

People Also Ask

Are there alternative sources to diamonds, other than mining?

The answer is yes. Lab-grown diamonds are produced in a lab. They are a better option for those who focus on sustainable production processes.

What determines diamond pricing?

The 4cs,as explained above, will have a huge impact on the cost. The absence of flaws or blemishes, for instance, show a higher quality diamond.

Why should you buy diamonds from reputable dealers?

You are sure of high quality, authentic diamonds from reputable dealers. The diamond market has its fair share of con artists.

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