How to Prepare Your Home After Online Pooja Booking?

We Indians live in the digital age but are still entrenched in our culture and ritual beliefs. And offering prayer is one of the important rituals for every caste, creed, and society. Prayer is what Lord Krishna defines in Bhagwad Geeta. “He who offers me with love and devotion a leaf, a fruit, flower, or water, I would accept it wholeheartedly.”

When Indians perform the prayer, they ensure to conduct it in the most pious setup. We prepare our homes and temples before conducting it. But what about Online Puja?

Nowadays, the modern lifestyle of a single-family & a busy work schedule has created a lot of trouble for devotees who want to perform rituals but don’t have the knowledge and time to arrange them offline in their home. That’s where facilities like online Puja & e-puja come into play which helps devotees to prepare & complete the Puja with the help of modern technology.

We asked the officials of Smart Puja, the best online pooja booking website, and they shared 10 quintessential tips on how one can be prepared for hassle-free Havana or Puja after online pooja booking. So without further ado, let’s begin.

10 Quintessential Things To Do After Booking Online Puja

The ritual of Puja is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It cleanses the mind, body, and soul and prepares us to face the hurdles with all the surrounded positivity :

So before performing Puja keep these things in mind:

Step 1. Before Puja, do not eat anything.

At least an hour before the Puja, don’t consume food.

Step 2: Gather the items and prepare them.

You can prepare items for the Puja according to your personal preference & deities you worship. These includes:

  • Puja & Hawan Samagri packet
  • The mixture of medicinal and aromatic herbs like Haldi powder, Rudraksha mala, and camphor.
  • A small packet of cotton
  • A packet of Incense Sticks.
  • The sacred white thread (Yagyopavit)
  • Bunch of fresh flowers
  • Five Tulsi and Basil leaves
  • A small packet of holy Ganges water (Ganga Jal)
  • A small packet of rose water and perfume
  • Bunch of Betel Leaves

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Step 3: Organize pots and trays

Please ensure the small bronze or silver pots are on the large metal tray before placing the arranged items inside them.

Step 4: Take a bath and put on clean clothes

Make sure your clothes are clean after your bath before entering the shrine to keep it sacred.

Step 5: Light Diyas with ghee

The standing and smaller earthen lamps (Diyas) should be lit with ghee as the lamp attracts Goddess Lakshmi.

Step 6: Light incense

Use a burner or matchsticks to ignite incense.

Step 7: Bathe Murti

Bathe the Murti in the sacred water or raw milk after placing them in a deep tray.

Step 8: Dress and dry the Murti

Make sure the Murti is dry and dressed in colourful clothing.

Step 9: Preparation Of Prashad

The devotee offers Prashad to the Divine. Following the consumption of naivedya, water is again offered to cleanse the Divine’s mouth.

Step 10: Express devotion to the Murti

Express your devotion to the Murti of your selected deity or deities as a nmurti is an embodiment of the Divine. Direct communication is established between participants and the deities through the Murti.

Things To Consider Before Doing Online Puja

It is beneficial to utter shlokas when performing online Puja, as they act as speech therapy, creating a calm natural atmosphere for prosperity to manifest.

Hence, to attract this prosperity, certain factors need to be considered:

  • Connectivity to the internet.
  • Make sure you have an account on these video conferencing media such as Zoom & Google Meet.
  • The device can be of your choice, whether a laptop or a smartphone, as per your convenience.
  • A list of household items to be arranged for the online Puja, which the service provider shares in advance.
  • The online service provider sends a reminder to be checked the day before the ritual.

After keeping everything in check, a link is shared to host the Puja ceremony online. All you have to do is join & participate in the Puja from wherever you are, and our Pandit Ji will conduct the whole Puja.

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Hassle-Free Preparation

Puja is a crucial aspect of Hinduism. It is a daily act of worship performed by every Hindu.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, where everything is instantaneous, performing Puja is not that difficult, but preparing your home beforehand can be quite a hassle.

So to alleviate this hassle, online puja booking can take over your stress by preparing your home for Puja and providing you with the samagris you need.

A team of qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable Pandits assist you in preparing your home for Pujas in accordance with your community, language, and region’s specifications. They also prepare your puja samagri, muhurat, and other necessary items.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of online hassle-free service.


It is common to see multiple online sites and platforms claiming to deliver the best pandits for your Puja. Yet it is quite difficult to select the service from those platforms that let you enjoy and relax while they handle all your stress. At SmartPuja, that’s not the case.

Smart Puja allows you to book your service with only a click while cherishing the ease of completing preparations in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is fill out your preferred date and time for preparation after you have booked your Puja.

You can also book your hassle-free online puja service now to enjoy a blissful experience.

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