5 Ways to Use Branded Items to Grow Your Business

Whether you’re starting with a newly established company or wanting to up your business’ presence in the industry, marketing is key to growing your revenue. Promotional strategies range from using custom embroidery on branded merchandise to sending out weekly email campaigns and using word of mouth. Each approach has its pros and cons and as a company, you need to decide which strategy is most effective.

Branded items have been used for years for marketing all types of businesses. Giving away products with your logo is a simple but effective way of creating a positive association with your name.

How else can you use branded items to promote your business so that your name is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when looking for your products or services? Here are some ways you can use this marketing strategy while making a name for yourself in the industry.

5 Ways to Use Branded Items to Grow Your Business

1. Hand Out Promotional Products at Major Events

Everybody loves getting a freebie and one of the best ways to do this is to hand out promotional products at major events associated with your industry. Linking the promotional product with your type of business is a wise strategy. For example:

  • Handing out branded power banks if you’re promoting yourself as a green energy company.
  • How about giving out penknives with your logo as a way of marketing your camping and outdoors startup?
  • Branded toys go down well for parents looking for a company selling baby gear.

2. Aim for High-Quality Branded Merchandise

There’s nothing wrong with handing out basic promo pens and notepads. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd, get creative and find ways of using high-quality branded merchandise that make a bigger impact. Quality merchandise will last longer and will be used more. If you use the right item with the right group of people, your potential customers may use your gift on a daily basis and never forget your name again!

Branded shaving brushes to promote your barber shop will go down well with male customers while ladies will always love a vacuum flask for those early morning school runs. Funky reusable straws with your coffee shop logo will impress new and old customers while promo pet jackets will get people talking about your doggie parlour!

3. Promote on Social Media Using Branded Merchandise

The social media platform allows you to market your business effectively in many ways. You can write blogs, upload a video sharing information about a new product or service you’re offering or load pictures of your branded merchandise. Just make sure it’s all branded. A well-crafted logo is easy to remember and will stick in your consumer’s minds if it impresses them.

Sharing images of your products, clearly showing your logo, on social media is a subtle but smart trick used by market leading companies worldwide to promote their business. It’s also a great way to connect with customers online while driving traffic to your website.

With over 21 million Australians using social media, you can’t afford to not take advantage of this platform when marketing your company! However, invest in a photographer if you have the budget. Posting professional images ensures you don’t lose the impact of using this marketing tool.

4. Give Away Branded Clothing at Local Events

While major events often attract people interested in your industry, don’t discount the power of attending smaller, local events in your neighbourhood. This strategy allows you to connect with locals who would benefit from using your products or services. Local events could include school sporting days, fetes and farmers’ markets.

At these events, giving away embroidered logo polo shirts, caps or jackets is another trick used by marketers to promote a brand. You can do the same, ensuring people close to your business may wear your logo around town from now on. This is an effective marketing tool if you’re promoting a brick-and-mortar business serving a certain community.

5. Let Influencers Promote Your Brand

With over 37 million influencers on Instagram worldwide, it may get you thinking about using them to promote your business! Popular influencers will have a huge following and tapping into their audience could be a potential marketing strategy to incorporate into your campaigns. But, how do you get an influencer to talk about your brand as an honest supporter?

One of the best approaches is to send them a branded item with a short note introducing yourself and why you think they should talk about your business. Finding out who would like to partner with you can be helped along by linking with influencers using your type of product. This way you already have common ground.

Final Thoughts

Using branded items to grow your business is a marketing strategy used by both small and large organisations. Planning your approach is important if you want to have the most impact using promo products with your logo. High-quality merchandise that is useful creates a better impression while giving away branded clothing is always a winner.

No matter the approach you use, make sure it’s professional, creative and within your budget. With so many strategies to choose from, your ideal plan is out there.

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