A Reputable Oral Irrigator Manufactures——Fly Cat

Fly Cat Electrical Co. is an oral irrigator manufacturer. The company was formed in 1985 by brothers Frank and Joseph Fly, who noticed a market demand for high-quality electrical items. The first product of the company was a water flosser, which they created and built themselves. The device was a huge success, and the company immediately expanded its product line.

Why you should use a water flosser:

Plaque and bacteria can be effectively removed from teeth and gums using water flossers.

Water flossers are simple to use and are available online or at most drugstores.

People with braces, implants or other oral appliances can safely use water flossers.

Water flossers can aid in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

Water flossers are an inexpensive method to keep your mouth healthy.

Take into account the following elements while selecting a water flosser:

Water Pressure: A water flosser’s pressure is expressed in psi (pounds per square inch). A higher psi rating indicates a stronger cleaning action. If your teeth or gums are sensitive, pick a water flosser with a lower PSI.

Water Reservoir: A water flosser’s water reservoir is where the water needed for cleaning is kept. While some reservoirs may be easily removed for cleaning, others cannot. When selecting a water flosser, consider how simple it is to clean and replenish the reservoir.

Cordless or Plug-In: Both cordless and plug-in water flossers are available. Compared to plug-in devices, cordless water flossers are more portable and run on batteries. When deciding between a cordless and a plug-in model, consider your demands.

Tips: Water flossers are available with various tips for various uses. While some tips are used with implants, others are made to clean braces. When selecting a water flosser tip, consider the cleaning you require.

Budget: The cost of a water flosser can be anything between $30 and $100. Choosing a water flosser will depend on your budget.

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