How Is Security in Australia?

Australia is one of the favorite destinations for young people seeking to studying abroad – the country is home to many high-quality educational institutions that are frequented by students from all over the world.

In addition to learning the English language and working part-time, international students in this study destination will find several leisure options, ranging from going to bars and restaurants to practicing extreme sports.

However, every foreigner who arrives to live in a different culture must pay attention to the laws and customs of the place. A slip due to lack of information can end your stay in the country.

Australia has very low crime levels, especially when compared to Brazil and other developing countries. The law in the country is strict with everyone, no exceptions.

Therefore, it is necessary to respect the rules for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places, the traffic codes and the orders of authorities regarding natural disasters.

Are you thinking about studying in Oceania? Read on and learn all about security in Australia.

Everyday precautions

In Australia, anyone can walk alone and safely through the streets of the country’s big cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Crime is low, with few cases of armed robberies, for example.

In case of any emergency, call the 000 number. An attendant will identify your problem and transfer you to the appropriate authority.

However, like anywhere in the world, there are problems in Australia too. In more touristy places, with large concentrations of people, don’t leave your belongings out of sight. Unprotected suitcases, purses, wallets and cell phones are attractive to thieves anywhere in the galaxy.

Always close your home’s doors and windows tightly before leaving to study or work, and make sure all appliances are turned off.

When you have to go somewhere for the first time, ask the locals about how safe the area is.

Care related to alcohol consumption

Alcohol laws are very strict in Australia. Only people over 18 can drink and buy alcoholic beverages, which are sold in exclusive product stores. The simple act of offering alcohol to a minor can result in a hefty fine or even imprisonment for the offender, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

In Australia, drinking is prohibited in public places such as beaches, parks, squares and streets. If you are caught drinking in a location not authorized by the government, such as bars and parties, you can be fined on the spot.

Tolerance is zero when it comes to drinking and driving. Penalties for those caught driving while intoxicated range from a fine to imprisonment. So, if you’re going to drink, go by bus, taxi or transport app, but don’t drive!

Stay away from confusion

One of the few security problems that exist in Australia is related to fights in bars and clubs. Drinking alcohol can sometimes get into trouble with the Australian police.

So, everyone should know their limits and, above all, respect other people. If you find yourself in a fight with someone who is drunk, try to get away from the person and report the incident to a police officer.

There are rules that tell bars not to serve alcohol to people who are already drunk. The establishment and the consumer that fail to comply with the Law may be fined. So don’t insist!

Anyone hosting a house party should also observe local alcohol laws. Australian police departments, such as the one in the New South Wales region, encourage people to give advance notice of home events. So, be aware of the rules of where you are going to live.

Safety in Australia while traveling

Australia is a continental country with enormous territorial dimensions. Although most of the Australian population lives in coastal regions, there is much to see and admire in the interior of kangaroo land.

The country’s road network is very good and connects the main regions with ease. However, in desert areas, which are sparsely inhabited, care must be taken during your trip.

Many locations do not have cell phone coverage and calling for help in an emergency can be a problem. If something happens in a place that is difficult to access, stay close to your vehicle and wait for a driver to pass by.

Precautions for sports practices

Both Australia and New Zealand are known worldwide for the practice of extreme sports, such as mountaineering, bungee jumping, kayaking, surfing and many others.

As the name implies, these sports are practiced in extreme conditions, that is, in more dangerous situations. The security measures of each modality must be respected, and you must always count on the support of professionals in the subject.

Companies that market this type of activity advise their customers on safety issues in the practice. Be aware of the risks you are going to take before hiring the service.

Conduct in the event of natural disasters

Australia is in an area susceptible to natural threats such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. In some cases, such as earthquakes, it is not possible to know in advance that they will occur.

Whatever emergency you are facing, always pay attention to the guidance of government authorities. In more developed countries, such as Australia, which often face such natural adversities, it is common to have safety training throughout the year. There are also very well-designed plans to contain and mitigate the effects of these disasters.

When it comes to floods and fires, which are very common during the hottest months in Australia (November to April), risk areas are usually evacuated by order of the authorities. Always respect and follow the guidelines of public officials.

See how security in Australia is not something you should worry about during your study? Just follow the rules and use common sense and your time in Oceania will be unforgettable.

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