Facets of Kindergarten Education

The early-learning years are the most crucial. According to research, the first 4 to 5 years of a child’s education is the defining period for child development. Children have the most potential to learn new concepts during this time. As educators and parents, navigating Early Child Education can be daunting. However, many educational institutions like Bentleigh West Kindergarten deliver unique programmes that make the most out of a child’s learning capacity. Additionally, some parent practices can optimise child learning. 

Getting ahead during a child’s early years can set them on the right path for the future. 

Essential Skill Development in Kindergarten

Social Skills

Interactions with peers and teachers introduce children to the concept of learning as a group or team. Moreover, it encourages social interaction, promoting the formation of interpersonal relationships. 

Kindergarten serves as an introduction to traditional schooling methods while engaging them appropriately. 


The key to effective learning is curiosity. Kindergarten schooling guides young minds to question. It effectively imparts education by providing adequate stimulation for young minds – minds that are attracted to bright colours, shapes, and pictures. 


Routines and class etiquette form a foundation for discipline. 

Unique Kindergarten Programmes

Most kindergarten curriculums do not utilise the absolute potential of early learning capacity. Many argue that this may exert unnecessary pressure on children. However, young minds retain any information they understand. Their brains are sponges that sop any material taught. 

Alternative Languages

The rise of monolingual English speakers is alarming. When communication is essential, knowing more than one language is a priceless skill to have. Many national curriculums make it mandatory to teach the second language in kindergarten. 

Some of the most taught languages, apart from English, are French, German, and Spanish. Institutions like Bentleigh West Kindergarten also offer Chinese lessons. 

Accelerated Courses

Some institutions even offer a general accelerated course in which they teach students at a faster pace. Cities like Bentleigh have high literacy rates, and such courses can help children get ahead of the crowd. 

Culture Studies

Some kindergarten institutions value the preservation of culture and tradition. Such trends are visible in lands with traditional or native populations. Inculcating sensitivity to lands and cultures at an early age is the perfect way to build an understanding of morals and rights. In Bentleigh, the native population provides a cultural experience that becomes an integral aspect of kindergarten education at schools like BWK.

Out-of-School Learning

At young ages, academic excellence isn’t the sole marker for learning. Children will continue to learn at their own pace. On the other hand, experiences define their learning quality. 

Young minds need constant stimulation – through colours and textures and more. Experimenting and exploring bookmark the early learning experience, and they require adequate space and time to perceive it – Bentleigh provides such spaces.

Here are a few tips on learning outside an academic space at the kindergarten level. 

Family-Educator Relationships

During Early Child Development or Learning, parents need to be extensively involved. This involvement is present in having a good relationship with your child’s teacher. The parent stays informed about their child’s performance and is the primary discipline channel.


Ask your child about their day to encourage conversation. They receive the opportunity to hone their communication skills. Moreover, this activity also helps them grasp the language and its concepts.

Through conversation, your child can also gradually improve their vocabulary, learning new words to express themselves. 


In the early learning stages, the art never stops. Encourage colouring and drawing activities to keep them engaged. Moreover, research studies also show that active involvement in artistic activities like painting and colouring can improve handwriting skills.

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