Ncert Class 12 Biology Solutions – Understanding the concept of evolution

Biology is a complicated science. It can be challenging to stay on top of all of the concepts, so many students rely on Ncert solutions to help them through their days.  Ncert Class 12 Biology Solutions from Infinity Learn is the best for those looking for quality education. The courses have been designed to help students understand the concepts of biology. The systems are interactive and designed to make learning fun. We use exciting visuals and animations to keep the students engaged.


One of the essential concepts in biology is evolution. Evolution is the process by which species change over time. It happens when one type of organism changes into a different organism. The method of evolution is often explained using the analogy of a tree. Suppose you have a stick and want to make a long stick. You can start by just making a short stick and then adding length to it as you go along. Or you could start with a long bar and chop it down into shorter posts as you go along. Evolution works in the same way. A population of organisms starts with one type of trait (for example, a long nose). Over time, this population will change until it has two features (a long nose and a short nose). It will change again until it has four types of traits (a long nose, a short nose, a regular nose, and a flat nose). And so on.

How are New Species Created?

One of the ways that new species are created is by mutation. Mutations are changes to the DNA of a gene. Mutations can happen spontaneously, or they can be caused by something else, like radiation. Spontaneous mutations are most common. They occur when a gene is active, and there is something wrong with it, like a mistake in the code. This can cause the gene to work differently than usual. Mutations can also be caused by exposure to radiation or other toxins. These chemicals can damage genes, and that’s how mutations happen. Sometimes mutations are targeted by cells in the body. Cells called “malignant cells” can detect something wrong with a gene and change its instructions so that it does something terrible. This is called “oncogenesis”, and it’s how cancer starts.


One of the reasons why specific populations of animals become endangered is due to inbreeding. Inbreeding can lead to genetic problems and deformities in offspring. It can also cause people to lose their genetic diversity. The problem with inbreeding is that it can lead to genetic problems and deformities in offspring. These problems can include reduced fertility, birth defects, changes in the shape or size of organs, and even death.

Birth defects can be severe.

Inbreeding is a problem because it can lead to genetic problems and deformities in offspring. Birth defects are one of the most common results of inbreeding. They are usually caused by a combination of genetic factors and environmental conditions. These conditions can include exposure to chemicals or radiation. They can cause physical injury or psychological distress for the child and his or her family. They can also damage the child’s future chances of having a healthy family life.


Mutations are changes that occur in the DNA of a cell. These changes can cause diseases or traits in the offspring of the cell. Mutations can also occur spontaneously, which means they happen without any outside interference. Mutations can happen in several different places in the DNA of a cell. Some mutations are harmful and will cause disease or trait in the offspring. Other mutations are benign and will simply cause a change in the DNA sequence.

Natural Selection

One of the essential concepts in biology is natural selection. This is the process by which organisms with traits that allow them to survive and reproduce more often than their competitors will be the ones to survive and pass on their genes to future generations. One of the ways that organisms compete for survival is by trying to create offspring with the best traits. For example, some organisms might be better at surviving in cold environments than others. As a result, their offspring will be more likely to live in cold climates. This is called natural selection because it is a process that happens without any help from humans. Natural selection can also occur when humans choose which organisms to breed. For example, if we want to create a food crop that can withstand a harsh climate, we might choose varieties of plants that have been selected for toughness and other survival characteristics. This is called artificial selection, and it is usually done with the goal of improving crops or livestock.


The process of extinction is the disappearance of a species from the Earth’s landscape. Death can be caused by a number of factors, including natural disasters and human activity .Extinction is a natural process that occurs over time. It is often the result of the interaction between humans and nature. For example, humans can cause natural disasters that lead to the extinction of species. Or, humans can abuse or overexploit natural resources, which can also lead to the extinction of species. You will get detailed essays on biology solution of ncert class 12th at Infinity Learn

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