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Download Social Media Videos with URL – How?

Nowadays everyone needs to get the visual content right into their device. They want to get themselves in a zone where watching videos won’t get them connected to the internet. Almost every other platform these days has visual content in general and videos in particular. From Facebook to Instagram, other social networking platforms have incorporated videos into their platform. Only Facebook comes with more than 4 billion unique users. Regardless of age, gender, race, religion, and ethnicity, everyone is using social media platforms these days. The marketers are using these platforms to promote their products, whereas the ordinary user is using them for the sake of entertainment. When it comes to content, social media platforms are used widely to watch videos, scroll images, and more. People always have a craving to download videos from social media platforms, whether they want to recreate them for business purposes or for their personal use. In this blog post, we will dig up some platforms that can assist you in downloading social media videos by only providing the URL.  

SmallSEOTools’ Facebook Video Downloader

SmallSEOTools is a platform that allows users to perform different tasks on the go. From content and SEO-based tools to video downloading facilities, the platform is undoubtedly a great way to perform various tasks online. However, the online Facebook video downloader will help you download Facebook videos without going through complicated procedures. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface. Similar to other web-based tools, it also doesn’t require you to install any additional extension or software program.

DupliChecker’s Facebook Video Downloader

Suppose you are looking for an online video downloader that can do wonders for you. In that case, DupliChecker is one of the platforms that can surely assist you in making it possible to download Facebook videos. You would be able to download videos here from Facebook easily without getting into any intricate process. The time had gone when there was a need to install third-party software programs to execute the downloading. The online platform provides the facility to download videos instantly. 

SmallSEOTool’s Video Downloader

If you want to download videos other than Facebook, SmallSEOTools’ online video downloader is yet another great facility that helps in downloading the videos directly into your device. All you need to do is to come up with a URL and submit it to the tool. The rest of the heavy-lifting will be done at the tool’s end. It is undoubtedly a great tool, and this tool lets you download the videos on the go without asking you to get into any complicated process. 

link video

It is one of the best platforms available over the web; as the name suggests that the platform downloads videos with the help of a URL. You would only have to provide a link to the tool, which will process the downloading for you on the go. The tool is web-based, and there is no need to install any additional software program in your system. You can use it simply through your web browser. There is a need to have a stable internet connection, and the rest is all easy. On your end, you will have to provide a URL, and LinkVideo will fetch the video on your device. 


FastVid is another great platform that helps to download videos from social media platforms. The website is dedicated to downloading videos. The downloading of videos is quite simple, and there isn’t any convoluted process involved at all. If you are searching for a reliable video downloader, then your search is undoubtedly over because this one can help you a lot in doing what you need. The website comes with certain limitations as it only downloads videos from only Facebook and does not support any other platform. So, if you are looking for an effective online video downloader, then this one is undoubtedly the best one to go for. 

Final Words

Previously, it was difficult for users when they required to download videos from social media platforms like Facebook. However, technological advancement has completely altered things for them, and now they can process things on the go without any hassle. The tools mentioned above come with great features, and they can become your ultimate companion when downloading videos. Therefore, whenever you need to download videos from social media platforms, these tools can assist you in this regard. 

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