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Digital marketing trends to focus this year

In today’s digital age, marketing music across multiple platforms is a must for a successful songwriter. As a freelance artist, being able to self-manage and build a solid fan base through many online tools is a process that can be both fulfilling and exhausting. To market your music in any meaningful way, you’ll need to create a strategy that you can follow. Pick out the outlets that make sense for your music and be consistent. It will help you generate interest in your songs and cultivate a fan base. Firstly, you need to focus on two big platforms – SoundCloud and Spotify. Buy SoundCloud likes, get very active with the track schedule and be consistent with the fans. The same could be done on Spotify.

Mailing list

Even if you’re active on social media, it’s important to build your mailing list. Collecting email addresses is a sure-fire way to ensure that you have a direct line with a potential fan. Maintaining your mailing list during your working years will pay off when you have a new release to promote or an upcoming tour to announce. Once someone is on your mailing list, be sure to communicate regularly and in a professional manner to nurture that relationship. This can take a long time because people rarely change their email addresses.

Artist’s website

While there are many free and easy ways to promote your music, don’t underestimate the power of an artist’s website. If you build a website for your music, you control the content and the experience. Your fans can always find you on your own .com, and that’s where they’ll go to learn more about you and to purchase music and merchandise, without the distractions of a news feed or news feed. ‘Advertisement. Keep your music website up to date and use it as a tool to market your music in a clear and concise manner on your own terms. You can also make a digital press kit on your website and use it for active dissemination to promote your music.


In the world of social media, Facebook is used by hundreds of millions of people every day. Checking the newsfeed is a daily habit, which means that if you market your music there, you will likely reach a lot of people who are there as well and who are used to finding news that way. To better target your fan demographics, consider using Facebook Ads if you have something specific to promote, such as an upcoming single, album launch party, or upcoming tour. This will increase the chances that interested fans will see your content and engage with your posts.


Instagram has been steadily growing in popularity and is the perfect place to grow your music brand, especially if you rely on visual content with your music promotion. There are many ways to engage an audience with your music on Instagram. Whether it’s inviting comments on your photos, filming quick stories about your life, or creating reels with your music, this platform gives fans different ways to have fun and interact with it.

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