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How to make engaging content for your followers

Creating content can be on a lot of platforms. You can find a lot of content wherever you browse the internet. It can be on media or blogs. And today I would like to share with you guys some of the tips that will help you to be among those who create content and have people engaging with them. This is how to make engaging content for your followers.

Whether on social media or blogging platforms, you can implement these to your content and as you grow, there will be more people that will engage with your content. As the title says for your followers, which means you already have a good large number of followers.

That’s if you want results. But you can start doing these from now on and expect big results as you keep growing. Because sometimes it’s not about what you do, let the progress take its time. All you can do is keep up the good work and the consistency.

How to make engaging content for your followers

Engaging content means something that your followers or whoever sees it can comment on and say something. It will not work if you put whatever and expect people to engage and be active. I will mention some of the best tips on how to make engaging content for your followers.

One of the best benefits of working on this early is that you will create an excellent base for an active community in the future. And this means you will get a lot of support every day and no matter what. If you are not doing any of these tips on how to make engaging content for your followers, I highly recommend you start today.

Whether on social media or using blogging platforms, these will help you a lot. You can also do it on both for maximum results and engagement. Well, I see some of the old bloggers do this and it’s working even when you think they won’t. You never know who will see your content.

Also, I would recommend you to do more than two on this list, if not all. Because the more you do, the higher chance of getting tons of engagement. Even when you have few people following. Remember, it starts from zero, and the numbers increase every day.

If you haven’t done these tips on how to make engaging content for your followers. You need to know that it will take time and the more you keep trying to do them, the easier it will be for you to implement them on your content. At first, for me, it wasn’t easy to do them. Because sometimes I would forget and miss on doing it.

Alright, let’s see what are these tips and how to make engaging content for your followers!

1-Sharing facts based on real-life moments

When you meet people on the internet, they are just like you, a human. And when you read on the internet about a similar moment that happened to you. You would want to engage with it. At least, that’s how I feel and some of my followers. 

Sharing facts based on real-life moments or things that happen in our day can be a good way to let people on the internet engage. Especially on some of the platforms where you can read news like Twitter. This can also work for blogging and you can include these in your post.

Being realistic on the internet is a good way and you will find a lot of people engaging with your content the more you do it. Sharing facts is good but when it comes to something that happened in real life, people would feel that they related to that. Some of them would also feel that they want to share it. And that’s how you get their engagement.

You can share it on social media or include it on a blog post, as long as your followers can see it. That’s nice and you are also being consistent doing it. Because that takes a big role in whether or not to be successful. Always make sure to keep your consistency.

It will increase engagement when you talk about something common and share facts. They would love to share what’s on their mind as well. Therefore, engagement increases when you have more people reading your content and that’s how to make engaging content for your followers. If you want to build successful marketing for your blog or social media, you can check these tips

2-Allow them to express their thoughts and feelings

This is one of the ways to make engaging content. When you write about something or share something on social media, ask them for their thoughts or feelings. Let them share theirs as you share your thoughts. It’s a good way to build a relationship as well.

You are not just growing your followers, you are building a strong are a community that will support you no matter what and it’s for the long term. As long as you stay loyal to them and be honest. It’s like how you treat your friends. They become your friends when you guys connect a little more.

I’m sure there will be people who want to talk and they can’t because no one is around to ask. So, when you ask, even if you don’t get something from the first or second attempt. There will be people who will engage with you and share what’s on their minds.

When you write about something on a blog post, you can also include a question asking about what they think or how do they feel about something. It doesn’t have to be only social media as long as you have content, you can include this. And you will see the engagement increase as you keep growing.

Followers are humans just like you, and when you treat them like nothing, you will get nothing. And same with the opposite situation, you will get tons of engagement if you treat them well and respect them. Give them the chance to talk and share what’s on their mind. It’s a good way how to make engaging content for your followers.

3-Value their answers and engage with them

You might ask how we can do this? Well, you mention within your content that their answer is appreciated and would like to know what they think or how they feel. And when they do engage, don’t forget to engage back and thank them for the support.

When they read this, they feel appreciated and feel they want to say something. And that’s how to make engaging content for your followers. Sometimes someone who is not following you can feel the same way and engage with your content. Let them know that their comment or support are much appreciated.

Some bloggers don’t engage back. And that’s what I did for so long. However, it was a mistake that I did. Now, following this, it helped me to get tons of engagement on my blog and also social media. Don’t just look for engagement and never engage back.

If you are new to social media or blogging, there might be a chance you forget to do this. And I’m here to tell you that it’s very important, and it’s how to make engaging content for your followers. I did this when I started, but now I regretted I didn’t start doing this earlier.

They would love to connect more with you when they feel like you appreciate their time to comment and engage with your content. And the way to make engaging content is by adding this within your content. It’s the best way to do it.

4-Allow them to share their input as well

Something that will help you to make engaging content is when you start a discussion with your followers. When you share something, try to ask for their input. Especially on social media, where it’s easy to start a discussion with your followers.

They can express how they feel and also add something to the topic you wrote about or shared on social media. Everyone has different opinions and different thinking and when you do this, don’t get upset with your followers. They are free to share whatever, as long as it’s not negative or false.

It’s how to make engaging content for your followers and also build a wonderful community. When you write about something, allow them to add something from their experience. You can do that by asking them to add anything that can help and they would be happy to do so.

It can take some time for you to remember adding this when you start doing it. However, as I said, it will be easy as you keep doing it. So, don’t give up and get frustrated because it’s normal and it happened to me as well. Just try to remember and always put on your mind that you need to do it.

It feels good knowing that you can be part of the community and help others. And that’s how your followers would feel when you ask them to add something helpful based on their experience and their knowledge. As they learn from your experience, they can also share theirs. 

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