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Today, we will focus on business ideas. You should invest money and grow for big revenue.

Making printed clothes

The idea is already well known, but it does not lose its relevance. The main thing is to come up with a unique offer that will make you stand out in the market. Here it is enough to have a creative streak, be inspired by ideas in the outside world or the Internet and pay attention to foreign trends. 

The production of printed T-shirts does not involve complex technological processes. You need to buy a textile printer and raw materials – basic t-shirts on which you will apply the pattern. Please note that there may be problems with the images that you use in print – copyright infringement. 

Therefore, if you yourself are not an artist or not an artist, but plan to purchase ready-made images, then it is better to buy them on photo stocks or contact an illustrator who will create prints for your project. 

You can sell your products via the Internet (your own online store, social networks, marketplaces) or in bulk to city stores. The profitability of the business is about 300% – because the margin on finished products is high. With constant sales, it is possible to recoup the initial investment within six months.

YouTub streaming

If you want to invest in futuristic business ideas, then don’t sleep on YouTube. It’s the biggest video platform, so growing and building a brand on it will be beneficial 100%. Start with a simple channel. Strategy has to be simple too – buy likes YouTube, create a content plan e.i. Stick with the plan consistently and engage with the comments. Slowly you’ll grow your channel and get good revenue from selling services there.

Manufacture of handmade soap

Making decorative soaps is a suitable option for a home business. The business does not require specific knowledge and large investments, and anyone can master the technology of soap making. You do not need to purchase sophisticated equipment, but what is useful is a developed fantasy. 

You can play with the shape and style of your product on almost any topic, create a gift for a representative of any profession, make soap letters and make any words out of them. You can read an article about homemade soap making here .You can sell your products individually, or you can gift boxes. Perhaps the most attractive and “appetizing” soap sets are those where the soap is sweets – cakes, donuts, marshmallows, berries. 

In this case, the buyer can be influenced immediately through several senses, forcing not only the eyes and smell to work, but also awakening the taste buds. The scope for creativity in soap making and grouping handmade soap is not limited, but there are no physical opportunities to please everyone, so you need to choose something as your chip. 

As well as in other cases, such products sell well through social networks like Instagram . In addition, we recently wrote about how to sell handmade items through the “Master’s Fair”.

Production of photo books/photo paintings

The photobook business has an interesting history. On the one hand, the advent of smartphones was supposed to reduce the demand for printed photographs. But on the other hand, people began to take more pictures. 

And strive to preserve special moments. After all, electronic photos can be deleted or lost along with a smartphone – and the life of printed photos is longer. To realize this idea, you need a quality printer and good paper. 

Binding can be done by hand or ordered from a printing house. Everyone prints photo books: models and designers who need a portfolio, as well as individuals who want to arrange family photos in an album. With the development of Instagram, print photography is very popular.

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