How Important It Is To Build Your Crypto Portfolio

A crypto portfolio is the total worth of your investments in all the coins, the total coins that you own. It is vital to have a crypto portfolio. You can easily have one on a crypto exchange platform like Kucoin. The kucoin is a top cryptocurrency known for its amazing deals.

The significance of a crypto portfolio is essential because you can’t risk putting all eggs in one basket. Imagine a scenario where you put all your investment in holding one coin, and it underperforms. That would be a significant blow. That is why you should diversify your investments. If one of your coins underperforms, others would be paying off your lucrative returns.

There is a considerable debate on what coin should be in your portfolio and how much of a particular coin to buy. It is essential to understand that nobody can guarantee the perfect portfolio. Still, we sorted a list of what would be a balanced crypto portfolio.


Different Crypto For Different Purpose

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should have a portfolio with coins that offer different purposes. For example, you should have BTC to hold in the long run as its value increases, paying hefty returns to its investors. Ethereum, (ETH price) the second-largest crypto, could also be an option known for its innovative functionality and is used as a mode of payment on most platforms.


Stablecoins have their value tied to another asset, in most cases to a fiat currency. The most famous stablecoin is USDT; these coins are stable in value and are consistent and less volatile than other coins. These could also use for many purposes, such as transferring money remittances and currency exchange.

Dividing Risk

It would help if you minded that the risk of your investment should be divided into areas of High, Medium, and Low. A high-risk portfolio is the one that could yield the highest return but could also return in significant losses due to being highly volatile. Keep your greed behind and plan according to the market condition. Be rational while making a portfolio. Invest less in coins associated with high risk, especially when a beginner.

Invest In Different Industries

You don’t need to tie all your investments to crypto coins. A better option is that you should invest in emerging industries like NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens). These are the digital art and offer the digital ownership to its owner. In 2021 and 2022, we have seen many millionaires credited to the NFT industry; every day, millions of worth of NFTs are traded, proving to be a hot market.


Most financial advisors have pressed and always advised that you should carry out your research before investing in the market. The best way to do it is to regularly become updated with the crypto-related news and take advice from experienced investors and financial advisors; also, before investing, remember to invest as much as you are willing to lose.

Your portfolio should be based on your preference; with Kucoin, which has almost 600 coins, you can build a balanced portfolio, so don’t wait and start from today.

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