The Importance of Face-to-face Sales Pitch

Have you ever come in contact with a door-to-door seller? While pitching their products, you might notice how they maintain eye contact and demonstrate the said product.

Now imagine if the same seller just dropped a flyer in front of your door. Would you even give it a second look?

That’s how crucial physical presence is while trying to make a sale. Your mannerisms, your tone all play a role in influencing the customer.

Sadly, it has been challenging to engage the customer personally due to remote working conditions. Often, they might not be free for video conferencing. What do you do in such cases?

You can make professional sales videos, of course.

Why make a video?

As discussed above, the customer might not always have time to attend a live pitch. Moreover, you cannot expect to wait around for an entire day.

Live sales pitches are irreplaceable. You can answer pages worth of questions in just a few minutes. Additionally, they let you add a personal touch to the videos you’re making. You can add small snippets of light-hearted humour to appeal better to the consumer.

A sales video can be made and sent according to your convenience. To add to that, it doesn’t pressure the recipient to watch it immediately. The unsaid flexibility makes these videos all the more appealing.

However, it is essential to note that these videos need to follow some basic rules.

How to make it engaging?

Even though it is an indispensable tool, a bad sales video can severely undermine your pitch. A look at the dos and don’ts will help clear things up.

Don’t sell

It’s pretty evident that you’re trying to sell a product. That is all the more reason to make it not appear promotional. Instead, engage the recipient with your content, and talk about some common happenings in the market.

All the while, keep feeding them information about your product.

Do keep it casual

You don’t want to be labelled as an individual who strictly adheres to a script. Try using some common informal phrases and references. Maybe even use your wit to keep the interest of the consumer.

Your video should not come off as a ‘must watch’ but instead make the customer want to watch it.

Do use your brand personality

Every brand has a personality it has created through its promotional activities. When talking about the brand, make sure you stick to that personality.

If the customer approves of what your brand represents, they are more likely to invest in its services.

Don’t forget the consumer

Make sure that the pitch involves you constantly referencing the customer. Start the video by asking them questions. The questions will make them more likely to be engrossed till the end.

Avoid making the pitch all about the company. After all, the customer comes first.


The market is brimming with software for making professional sales videos. Not only do these tools help the sales pitch appear more professional, but they also help customise it.

According to a reliable source, 54% of the surveyed people expect more video content from the brands they support.

Only through a well-crafted video can the audience relate to your organisation and think about investing in it. If your initial impression is noteworthy, they are more likely to recommend you to a friend or colleague.

In a sense, as videos increase, so does engagement.

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