How to Design a Network That Bolsters Your Business Activities

Did you know that more than 90 percent of adults in the United States of America use the internet in their daily lives? A big part of this internet usage takes place in the workplace, which means that it’s essential for the success of your business that you design a network that fits your needs.

A secure network that offers scalability is the best approach that you can take toward network design for your business. This network will grow with you as your business starts to take off.

Luckily, you’re in the right place to learn more about network infrastructure and the things that you can do to create a scalable network for your small business. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

Use Firewalls

You need to think of firewalls as the police force of your business’s network. You can use firewalls to prevent or allow communications from within your network to those outside of it. You can also configure your firewall to protect the information that you’re storing on your business’s secure network.

Many businesses protect data from their finance and HR departments with firewalls. You can also use them to protect customer information and credit card information within your network infrastructure. Don’t be afraid to seek help from professional it services if you want to up your security policy.

Design a Wireless Network

Wireless networks are all the rage with businesses both large and small. The fact that you can create a scalable network without a ton of wires running throughout your building is a big step for network technology.

Make sure that you use firewalls if you choose to move to a wireless network. Sending network signals through the air will boost your efficiency but it also brings new security risks that you need to prepare for.

Incorporate Port Security

Port security is an essential part of choosing to design a network for your business. This feature makes it so that only particular computers within your business’s network can access the port on the switch. Any time that an unauthorized user gets detected the switch will disable the port.

Disabling the port makes it impossible for your unwanted visitor to gain further access to your business’s network. It’s a common feature for businesses that need to maintain a secure network at all costs. Keep in mind that this isn’t the most feasible option for network infrastructure when it comes to creating a network for small businesses since workspaces are often shared.

Now You’re Ready to Design a Network

Choosing to design a network for your business is a big step toward creating a secure and scalable network. Make sure that you use firewalls as a means to keep your data and customer information secure from cyber threats. It’s also a good idea to create a network infrastructure that will scale with you as your business grows into a powerhouse.

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