Women’s Health—5 Trends EVERYONE Need to Get Behind TODAY

Switch on the TV and topics regarding women’s health may be on the news these days. No matter your opinion on certain matters, no one can deny it’s important to ensure the health of ALL members of society. And because women’s bodies and their experiences are unique, it calls for a special approach.

Luckily, among the controversial stories, there are also many beneficial trends that generate a following. It could be acupuncture Brighton ladies are trying out for the first time, or a new podcast the whole of Australia is starting to take notice of. Or perhaps it’s time you—man or woman—should support different brands.

Bottom line, especially if you look at number five below, anyone can help promote women’s health.

Creating and Using Online Fitness Content

General health closely relates to how much exercise you get. Some women sit at desks all day, look after kids, teach classrooms full of children, clean their homes or perform whatever else is part of their daily responsibilities. But there’s not always time to go to the gym for some self-care exercise.

Technology makes exercise routines easily available, but it’s important to follow the right ones for one’s body type. The more experts share their guidelines online, the more options women will have. Of course, it’s each lady’s responsibility to set aside the time for some stretching or cardio. At least you can do it in the comfort of your own home when everyone’s else has gone to bed.

Come one! Get the happy hormones going! Is this perhaps you new favourite ‘me-time’ activity?

Sharing Health Education Online

The World Wide Web has another purpose in promoting women’s health, and here it’s each person’s responsibility to share, share, share!

Information about how women can improve their health becomes more accessible online. Also, sharing facts about health or movements fighting for women’s health is vital. For example, did you know that simply being a woman means you have a higher chance to have heart disease? The more women hear about facts like these, the more they can implement preventative care.

There are many other health concerns relevant to women in particular. What you share can be seen by others who want to provide financial support for cancer research. Or perhaps online content helps a young mother deal with depression.

Technology is a powerful medium. Let’s use it for good!

Being Intentional About Women’s Mental Health

Depression ranks as one of the top health concerns for women and everyone can step up and become an active member in the movement to combat this threat. For some women it’s stress related, while others may feel ‘baby blues’ that become overwhelming. Anxiety also comes when family responsibilities increase or if there’s a case of domestic violence.

The question is: what are you doing about it?

If you’re the woman struggling with mental health, know that there’s no shame in admitting you need help. For anyone else, it’s time to become intentional:

  • Spend time with your friends who reach out to you for a coffee date. They may need to tell you they’re being abused or simply not doing so well emotionally.
  • Be on the lookout for tell-tale signs that someone is struggling with depression. Be their support or connect them with a professional who can assist.
  • Make mental health a topic you discuss, instead of a controversial issue you avoid. By talking about it more, more women may come forward to admit their vulnerabilities.

Being Openminded About Alternative, Holistic Treatments

Yes, there are a lot of health concerns, but there are also many solutions out there. Unfortunately, not all of them get the recognition they deserve.

From using acupuncture to seeing a naturopath Brighton and many other cities’ women are finding holistic, effective solutions. It can even just be a massage or adding some herbal medicines to your diet. These alternative treatments have helped Australian women deal with anything from chronic pain to fertility. It may even help combat some of the major risk factors women face.

Holistic remedies relevant to women’s health can have fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals and may even be more affordable. So why aren’t we giving it more attention yet?

Supporting the Right Brands

Lastly, here’s something anyone can do for women, but you’ll benefit yourself in the process. After all, who doesn’t like to shop?

Reconsidering what you buy and who you buy it from, can have a ripple effect related to women’s health. Consider the following:

  • Only source from suppliers who guarantee they’re not exploiting workers, especially women. By supporting the right supply chains, you’re limiting the chance of more and more women being taken advantage of.
  • There are many companies who sell quality products, only to generate funds that benefit women. They may fight against women being trafficked or they support educational programs focused on young women. Search for organisatons in your area and give them a try.

Last Thoughts—Change Starts with 1 Step

While many still fight for women’s rights and take on the controversial matters around the globe, you’re also able to bring about change. You can even benefit women around the globe! So, for your own or someone’s else’s advantage, consider following at least one of these trends.

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