In a cricket match, both the teams try to out-wit each other with some hidden strategies or sudden out-of-the-bag instant surprises. When every strategy seems of no use, the art of deception saves the day. Spinners are the masters of the art of deception in cricket. Among all the bowling techniques in cricket, spin-bowling is the only one to involve creative inputs. The artful twist of a spinner can shatter the confidence of the most accomplished batsman in a match. Spin-bowling is not as simple as fast bowling, which relies solely on speed and strength. Apart from the on-spot improvisations of a spinner, this type of bowling is classified under four categories namely, orthodox left-arm spin, unorthodox left-arm spin, off-spin and leg-break.

There are many renowned spinners in international cricket. Their contributions to the art of spin-bowling have received critical acclaim worldwide. Here is a list of the top 5 spinners in international cricket who have always been the darlings of breaking news sports cricket.

  1. Muttiah Muralitharan

The position of the greatest spinner in the world of international cricket goes to the Sri Lankan spinner, Muttiah Muralitharan. He is the wizard of spin bowling. He is capable of creating unbelievable outcomes from ordinary inputs. Muralitharan’s success is not restricted to the spin-friendly pitches of Asia. He holds his sway even in the most treacherous pitches across the globe. Muralitharan’s greatest achievements have come from pitches unsuitable for spin bowling. He dismissed players from Australia and England besides India and Sri Lanka. Muralitharan holds an intimidating record of remaining the ICC No. 1 for 1,711 days at-a-stretch. He is considered to be the finest spin-bowler in the world for creating the history of taking 1,334 wickets in his cricket career. This record is unlikely to be broken ever.

  1. Anil Kumble

Among the Indian spinners, Anil Kumble occupies the topmost position, besides being ranked as number two in the International Cricket world. Kumble’s consistency remains unchallenged to date. He has created history with his envious 619 wickets in test matches, apart from the remarkable 337 wickets in One Day Internationals. What Kumble missed when compared to Muralitharan or Shane Warne, he gained by putting to his advantage his height. He used the clever strategy of generating an extra bounce in his deliveries to challenge the batsman. His precise deliveries with unmatched accuracy coupled with extreme intelligence helped him to get tagged as a dangerous opponent to face in all types of cricket matches. This man levelled Jim Laker’s record of taking ten wickets in a single innings while performing in a match against the mighty Pakistan team. Kumble enjoys his permanent position among the spinners of the world with a record of taking 956 wickets in his career.

  1. Shane Warne

The name Shane warner is enough to help us visualise the colourful man who created news both in and out of the cricket field. One of the greatest spinners of the world, Warne brought flamboyance to the art of spin bowling. Like the title of the ball of the century, Warne created history with many defining moments. Shane warner became a monster of spin bowling with a perfect art of leg spin and flipper. He holds a memorable position for attaining more than 1000 wickets in his international cricket career. Warne’s presence in big tournaments like the 1999 World Cup semi-final is still remembered for his brilliant performances. Probably he was the only man to have achieved 293 wickets in just 194 One Day internationals and 708 wickets in &05 test matches. He was always the darling of the media for his dedicated approach to the game of cricket. This man kept the cricket world bereaved due to his untimely demise.

  1. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, the legendary Pakistani cricketer is the one to hold the prestigious fourth position among the top-rated spinners of the world. Afridi is adored by the cricket fans by the name of ‘Lala’. He is among the few spinners in the world equipped with the ability to break even the strongest defence. He is a champion of limited format cricket. His record includes seven four-wicket hauls besides the remarkable ten five-wicket hauls. Playing in all formats, Afridi took 541 wickets in 497 matches. He has the unmatched quality of sustaining through intense pressure moments and giving out his best. This attitude earned him fame as a very dependable bowler for his team. On many occasions, his focused deliveries help the team to become the ultimate winner.

  1. Ravichandran Ashwin

In today’s cricket world the most prominent name to reckon with is Ravichandran Ashwin. He is undoubtedly the most promising spinner of present-day cricket. His achievement of 427 test wickets in only 81 matches compels the audience to dream of a day when he would surpass the record of Anil Kumble. During the initial days, Ashwin failed to create any impact on the overseas matches. However, with constant practice and a praiseworthy dedication, he resulted into a mature and focused spinner. He is now capable to take wickets on any pitch.

Ashwin’s stupendous performance in Australia proved the development of this player from the initial variations to a disciplined approach to the game. He has been able to take 638 wickets in international cricket. Ashwin is one of the best spinners in the history of cricket.

Spinners always enjoy a glorious position in the cricketing world for their indispensable position in a team. A good spinner can help a cricket team to demolish the opposition’s batsmen within a few overs. As a result, spinners always outnumber the pacers in world cricket. There is no doubt regarding the fact that spinners will keep dominating the world of international cricket forever. Spin bowlers irrespective of belonging to the category of wrist spinner, leg spinner or off-spinner, have always been considered to be a very important asset of the game of cricket. Every cricket team ensures the addition of at least two spinners in their team for facing the toughest moments in the game.

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