P2 Face Masks: Have You Bought Them Yet?

The advent of the pandemic has successfully shifted the focus towards masks. However, many people have been using masks without prior information about them. For instance, masks come in different types, each having its functions and usage. And to illustrate, a P2 mask can be worn to filter out the air particles, ultimately preventing any harmful exposure. Moreover, it is easy to find a P2 face mask online, with multiple shops catering to this demand.

The Primary Function

Usually disposable, P2 masks are widely used to filter out fine particles present in the air. As a result, they keep you safe from the unwanted particles in the air. Furthermore, they are designed to seal over the nose bridge and mouth, and due to this, there are no gaps between the mask and the face through which particles can seep in.

In view of the same, P2 masks are to be used over surgical masks since the latter are designed to protect the wearer from droplets or splashes. So especially for protection against coronavirus and dust, a P2 mask is the most suitable.

Popularity in Australia

According to the Government of Australia, the demand for P2 masks increased in 2020, with over 1.8 million units being supplied. This sudden increase was due to a variety of reasons, as listed below:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic had created an undying demand for masks, with units being sold out faster than shops could restock.
  • The Australian bushfires had deposited a lot of smoke and impurities in the air. Due to this, people require masks so that they don’t inhale these toxic particles.

In addition, there were some groups that the government advised to secure a P2 mask immediately. These individuals consisted of:

  • Individuals with existing heart or lung conditions
  • People over 65 years of age
  • Children who are 14 years and younger
  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics

Tips to Safely Put a P2 Mask On

Even though these masks are easy to wear, it is still recommended to wear them in a certain manner. As such, not only does proper use ensure complete protection, but it also enhances its usability. And to enumerate, here are some tips to put on a P2 mask:

  • Before putting the mask on, wash your hands for a standard amount of time (20 seconds) to ensure no prior contaminants.
  • Carefully pick up the mask, making sure not to touch the inner layers that will rest on your mouth and nose.
  • You will notice a nose bridge strip, and make sure that this strip is on top as you unfold your mask while grabbing the edges and positioning it over your nose and mouth.
  • Next, place the ear loops under each ear and pull the mask under your chin.

After your mask is on, recheck it to see that no air escapes from the side. In case you notice it does, tie some loops in each ear loop.

Now that the pandemic and bushfires are both under control, you will be able to find a P2 face mask online with relative ease. And in addition to their discussed functions, these masks can also help you avoid the ever-present pollution. So, don’t wait anymore! Get your own P2 mask to give your lungs some much-needed relief.

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