New Way of Promoting API Products: Pharma Sources Online Platform

Pharma sources is an online platform with more than 2,300 domestic and international pharmacy suppliers and visitors from home and abroad.

Pharma sources follow the domestic and international industry policies, grasps the innovative trends in the industry, and provide professionals with integrated solutions from pharmaceutical raw materials, contract manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials to laboratory instruments by utilizing rich industry resources, providing strong support for domestic pharmaceutical companies to expand their global network of contacts.

Pharma sources exhibition areas will cover 15 segments, exhibits include pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, and fine chemicals, pharmaceutical excipients, preparations, contract customization, biopharmaceuticals, natural extracts, veterinary drugs, and feed, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory instruments, environmental protection and clean, pharmaceutical logistics, automation and information technology, epidemic prevention materials, for pharmaceutical companies to optimize the layout of the industry chain, accelerate the transformation and innovation to build a two-way platform for in-depth participation at home and abroad.

All-inclusive product range

Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Pharmaceutical raw materials, antibiotics, alkaloids, amino acids, etc.

Intermediates and Fine Chemicals: Pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, etc.

Natural Extracts: Plant extracts, animal extracts, health food ingredients, functional food ingredients, etc.

Pharmaceutical Excipients: Disintegrants, excipients, emulsifiers, fillers, binders, PH regulators, etc.

Biopharmaceuticals: Biological products and emerging therapeutics, biotechnology and R&D platform services, biological processes, manufacturing, solutions, etc.

Visit the official website of Pharma sources for detailed information!

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