Tips to Keep Your Water Pumps in Good Shape

Pumps are always needed in small-scale factories, societies, and irrigation lands. The water pumping motor is not a complex machine, but it requires proper maintenance from time to time. Why? Because for a machine (complex or simple) to function smoothly, it needs maintenance at regular intervals; otherwise, malfunctioning of its parts is inevitable. Water pumps are a common sight in most facilities and societies, and if the pumps don’t work, the plant will be shut down till the pump is repaired. It could cost the plant several thousand dollars. The same goes for society or agricultural businesses.

Issues in pumps are common like all other machines, and you should expect problems occasionally. However, if you, too, always struggle with the maintenance of the water pump, you should follow a maintenance schedule. First, the mechanic or the hired agency will analyse the pumps and hoes. Next, the mechanic should see the length and height at which the water is being pumped; then, the mechanic will suggest the charges and maintenance intervals.

The schedule would look like the following:

Schedule the maintenance time accordingly

The maintenance of pumps takes time. Hence, you need to choose a time and date every month/once in a quarter to do the maintenance job. Try to fix the date during non-working days because the other pipelines and hoes may have to be closed to do the maintenance. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your water pumps working smoothly.

Observation is key

Always check the pump when you go near it. Look for leakages and loose parts. When you find any irregularities with the pump, call the maintenance guy. If you can do an excellent job of replacing or fixing the broken parts, you should try it. Unusual sounds, vibrations, and foul odours are the signs of damaged parts or malfunctioning. There may be some broken parts and loose joints; whatever it is, observe the issue, and decide on your instinct.

But, if the issue is severe or has gone out of hand, you must call the professionals.

Safety first

Ensure that machines are turned off properly before doing the maintenance work and system check. Proper isolation is necessary not just for electrical systems but for hydraulic systems as well.

  • Inspection of mechanical parts
  • Check whether the mounting points are secure or not
  • Check the mechanical seal and packaging
  • Inspect the flanges of the pump for leaks
  • See whether couplings are properly fixed
  • Clean the filters even if it looks good

Lubrication is crucial

Whatever the machines are, if you don’t lubricate them well, they will break for sure. And you shouldn’t over-lubricate either. Over and under greasing damages your pumps, so be careful about the lubrication part.

Motor/electrical inspection

There are a few tasks you need to do while inspecting the motor and electrical parts:

  • Inspect whether all terminations are tight
  • Check motor vents and windings for accumulation of dirt/dust and clean as per the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Check contractor/starter for arcing and overheating
  • You can check insulation failure by using a megohmmeter on the windings

Replace broken seals and hoes

If you see any seals, hoes, or O-rings showing the damage or wear and tear, replace them immediately. Use the rubber assembly lubricant to ensure a good fit and zero leakages. Whatever you do, making the hoes leakage-proof must be your priority.

These are the essential tips to maintain your water pump.

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