Feel at home with PG Accommodations in Marathahalli, Bengaluru 

Bengaluru is amongst the three finest metropolitan cities in India. The city is the IT hub of India and owns the status of attracting IT professionals from all over the country.

Getting a job in a reputed company in Bengaluru is indeed exciting, but all the excitement seems to vanish the very moment you have to think about the responsibilities that one has to find a PG accommodation and understand the locations to live a quality life that differs from person to person.

Marathahalli is an eastern suburb of Bangalore city. This locality is named after the Marut fighter aircraft which is developed at a HAL facility nearby. There are quite many pgs near marathahalli and this is a very happening place that has connectivity to all major places of Bengaluru.This area is well-known among the youth population as it has the most populated CBSE School in Bengaluru, and a museum also nearby namely HAL Aerospace Museum which provides a wide range of historic, cultural, and academic assortment from the largest and extremely important aeronautic companies.

As the location is called the gateway of Bengaluru, there are a large number of residential accommodations which are reasonable and affordable. Along with being affordable, they also offer a host of various amenities to make a person feel at home in this city.

The majority of the best pg in marathahalli offer the following amenities which are more or less common in most properties:

  • Fully furnished AC rooms
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Wi-Fi, TV
  • Washing Machine, RO
  • Lip-smacking Food
  • No Lock-in
  • No Brokerage with some reputed brands
  • Power back-up
  • 24*7 Security

With these amenities, the average rent for a paying guest in Marathahalli is between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000/- and one can also find single, double, triple, and quadruple occupancy accommodations in and around Marathahalli.

With a variety of characteristics, we will explain below the benefits of renting PG housing in Marathahalli:

  • Affordable: Staying in a PG is comparatively more inexpensive than renting a property, especially in metro cities. The facilities also include meals and the most basic facilities
  • Availability: PG housing can be found in almost every neighborhood in Marathahalli, one need not spend months finding affordable and homely accommodation here as they are easily accessible.
  • Food: Even if you’re having a tough last week during a particular, you need not worry about getting fed here as most certainly one will be provided with meals that are too homemade. In addition, there is no worry to shop for groceries, cooking, and cleaning after cooking.
  • Repair and Maintenance: The owner is responsible for all repairs and to maintain the upkeep of the building and the different equipment in the apartment.
  • Convenient Location: Most of the pg near marathahalli main road are conveniently located near commercial malls and movie theatres, making it simple to take it easy on an off-day and get some relaxation from your busy academic or working schedules.

And we are sure after reading this blog post your excitement about taking that new job in Bengaluru has escalated to yet another level. So, you need not worry much about the logistics of this relocation, just do the preparations to move out of your city but not out of your comfort zone and we can assure you about this.

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