4 profitable trends in business innovation

Entrepreneurs play a very important role in innovation in the face of business trends that are marking territory worldwide. Entrepreneurship continues to climb the ranks, and today, small businesses see an increase in both revenue and consumers. 

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1. Web usability changes

The usability of websites is an important trend for e-Commerce, taking into account that the use of mobile phones increases every day and has become the main online sales platform for users, therefore, or do we have a website completely adaptable or a stand-alone system that loads easily on the mobile and allows it to be used without difficulty.

2. Mobile payments

Payments with mobile devices are becoming easier, for example, Amazon now has Amazon Prime, which goes one step further in traditional commerce payment systems without the need to go through checkouts. We find this system to be useful, efficient, and fast, although there could still be shortcomings in terms of security.

3. Decisions based algorithms

Algorithms and automated decision making based on metrics take control of the network. Setting up a good growth model and identifying the metrics that manage the growth levers will be key. In addition, users prefer to self-manage their consumption and increasingly dislike calls from merchants.

4. Data Driven Marketing

The data is vital for growth models and performance evaluation. Data always has the answer, so the use of funnels such as metrics, together with business intelligence tools and other similar ones, make it easier to reach the consumer more clearly.

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