What To Know About Global EOR Services

In today’s world, international business and trade are pivotal to a company’s success. And one aspect that can be challenging for companies involves the international recruitment of new employees. In this blog article, BIPO shares its global EOR services that can benefit your company.

What are global EOR services?

The full name of EOR is Employer of Record, which is essentially a company that hires talents on behalf of enterprises and assumes corresponding legal responsibilities. The main benefit of using an EOR is that it hires talent on behalf of the business so that your business does not have to establish its legal entity in the country it wishes to enter, which is an efficient and cost-effective way to expand your business quickly.

How does BIPO provide global EOR services?

  1. BIPO global EOR services serve to expand foreign markets, assist enterprises in entering foreign markets swiftly, and help to develop core operations without the need to establish foreign employment corporations.
  2. Using our cloud-based payroll platform, BIPO offers cutting-edge payroll outsourcing services to manage your international personnel on time and in compliance.
  3. BIPO will take on all compliance and legal obligations, freeing you to concentrate on your main line of business.
  4. BIPO offers benefits to employees by regional and national laws.
  5. To guarantee your company’s privacy and data security, the BIPO system platform has earned ISO-27001 certification and conforms with GDPR and other global data security standards.


Global EOR services can help your business optimize its resource utilization. By working with a reputable global EOR service provider, you can effectively manage and mitigate the risks while advancing your business goals. If you’re interested in finding out more about how global EOR services could benefit your business, please contact BIPO today for a consultation.

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