What Makes Japanese Whiskey Pricey?

Trends in drinking alcoholic beverages are dynamic. However, Japanese whiskey has gained traction in the world of beverages. Japanese distillers aim to achieve perfection while distilling the whiskey. Imbued with amazing flavours, Japanese whiskies are quite delicious. They have captivated the taste buds of most whiskey lovers. But, what are the reasons behind the price surge of the whiskey?

Garnered recognition in the world of whiskey

Japanese whiskies have won international awards and gained recognition. For instance, Yamazaki Sherry Cask bagged awards in 2013. Of course, whiskey enthusiasts like to buy their beverages from award-winning brands. However, more reputation has led to an increased price.

Distilleries were shut down

The popularity of whiskey in Japan reached its peak during the 1980s. At that time, rice-based shochu was a favourite drink for most people. But, over time, whiskey started losing its favour, and the production process became slower. Distilleries failed to fill casks. A number of distilleries like Karuizawa were shut down because of the low demand in the country. Although there were some Karuizawa bottles, their prices were high. So, whiskey lovers with a higher budget can afford to pay for these drinks.

Longer maturity time

It takes considerable time to mature Japanese whiskey. As this whiskey has gained popularity, some distilleries in Japan have started filling barrels. Nevertheless, it has not solved the shortage problem. The scarcity of barrels is another issue that causes a rise in price. If more barrels are available and more whiskies mature, there will no longer be a price hike problem.

The type of barrels used for ageing liquor may affect the taste. As there is a significant growth of oak in America, oak barrels are used for achieving a vanilla-tinged flavour. On the contrary, wood-aged, Japanese whiskey undergoes maturity in bourbon barrels. Some Japanese distilleries also use Mizunara oak barrels to produce the spirit.

Unique type of yeasts

Distillers in Japan use a particular type of dry yeast. Some distillers choose varieties of yeasts, and each has distinctive characteristics. Moreover, they intensify the flavours with yeast during fermentation. The main philosophy of Japanese distillers is to manage every aspect of whiskey production.

Higher elevations and water purity

Japanese distilleries are located mostly in remote areas and give high importance to water purity. They are constructed at a higher altitude, which leads to a lower boiling point. So, it is another reason why Japanese whiskies retain aromas and flavours. You will enjoy a smoother whisky produced by Japanese brands.

Amazing taste

As Japanese whiskey has a historical connection to Scotch, you may find some earthy and peaty whiskey bottles. Many whiskeys are also available with a subdued taste. Like Scotch whiskey, the Japanese version is smokier and drier.

The price of the best Japanese whiskey in Australia is comparatively higher than other standard whiskies. However, the quality and taste of the Japanese whiskies will give you the ultimate value. The Japanese distillers constantly try to improve their drinks to hold their position in the industry.

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