What Can We Know About The Aluminum Capacitors?

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are made of an aluminum cylinder as the negative electrode, which is filled with liquid electrolyte and inserted into a bent aluminum strip as the positive electrode. It must also be treated with DC voltage to form an oxide film on the positive plate as a medium. What can we know about aluminum capacitors?

Precautions when using aluminum capacitors

  1. First, it is necessary to clarify that aluminum electrolytic capacitors will fail. It is only a matter of time. Many reasons affect the life of capacitors, such as overvoltage, reverse voltage, high temperature, rapid charge, discharge, etc. Under normal use, the biggest impact is temperature because the higher the temperature, the faster the volatilization loss of the electrolyte. It should be noted that the temperature here does not refer to the ambient or surface temperature but refers to the working temperature of the aluminum foil.
  2. The actual voltage of the electrolytic capacitor in the circuit cannot exceed its withstand voltage value. In the filter circuit, the withstand voltage value of the capacitor should not be less than 1.42 times the RMS value of the AC. When using electrolytic capacitors, be careful not to reverse the positive and negative poles. If you are considering buying aluminum capacitors, you can contact Beryl, with 18 years of experience in this area.

The Advantages of Aluminum Capacitors

  1. The capacitance per unit volume is very large, tens to hundreds of times larger than other types of capacitors.
  2. The rated capacity can be very large, easily reaching tens of thousands of μf or even a few f (but cannot be compared with the electric double layer capacitance).
  3. The price has an overwhelming advantage over other types because the constituent materials of electrolytic capacitors are common industrial materials. The equipment for manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitors is also common industrial equipment, which can be mass-produced, and the cost is relatively low.

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