Understanding Threaded Camlock Fittings

People are curious about flange camlock fittings. This blog post answers these and more!

Camlock flange fittings

Flange camlock fittings link metal, plastic, or other materials in many industries. These fittings rotate to expand and compress without being forced. They’re perfect for tight-tolerance applications like airplane engines and heat exchangers.

Flange Camlock Fittings Work?

Camlocks hold two pipes together when a male flange camlock fitting is inserted into female threading. The pipe is held together by spring-loaded cam locks that flex under pressure. To detach the fittings, press down on one side until the other pops out.

These fittings are ideal for water supply lines and waste management systems. Flange joints are versatile and used in many applications.

Camlock Flange Fittings

Camlck flange fittings offer greater lubricity and wear resistance over slip-joint fittings. Three reasons to use them:

Wide flanges on flange camlock fittings provide more surface area for oil and grease to cover. This reduces contact wear, improving dependability and performance.

A larger flange increases wear resistance. Wider flanges prevent pressure or abrasion between mating parts. Wear-and-tear joint failure is reduced.

Wide flanges increase the fitting’s strength and durability. It decreases impact and corrosion damage.


Camlock fitting types come in many shapes and sizes. Flange camlock fittings are ubiquitous and reliable. Union Metal can install flange camlock fittings.

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