Things You Don’t Know About EVE 3V CR2450 Batteries

EVE 3V CR2450 is a type of Li-MnO2 battery. This type of battery is used in many products such as car smart keys, children’s toys, electronic watches, etc. It is known for its high performance and long life span.

Benefits of EVE 3V CR2450 batteries

  1. EVE 3V CR2450 batteries offer a high level of performance and reliability, making them a popular choice for devices that depend on continuous power.
  2. They are designed for use in devices that require constant power, such as motherboards, remote control, etc.
  3. The 3V CR2450 battery is also suitable for use in toys and other gadgets that need intermittent power, making it a versatile option for consumers.
  4. They are also environmentally friendly, as they do not produce harmful emissions when used in devices.

Use recommendations

  1. Avoid putting batteries too closely together to prevent unintentional short circuits.
  2. Never burn or heat the battery above 100°C.
  3. Use a battery with pre-installed solder feet or leads rather than soldering directly on the battery’s surface.
  4. Avoid combining batteries from various origins or fresh and old batteries.
  5. Dismantling and examining the battery in any way is prohibited.
  6. It is prohibited to invert the positive and negative poles of the battery and to short circuit between them.
  7. Please carefully review and adhere to the “Product Specifications” or “Instruction Manual” before using the battery.


EVE 3V CR2450 batteries can power many devices. If any dealer is looking for high performance and long-life Li-MnO2 battery, the EVE 3V CR2450 battery is a good choice.

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