Thermal Protector: A Necessary Investment For Battery Packs

Do you know that a thermal protector can be a necessary investment for your battery packs? A Thermal protector will protect your battery pack from thermal runaway and reduce the risk of fire. All of our Saftty thermal protectors have been designed to work with battery packs. This blog might help you find it!

Why invest in Thermal Protector?

Thermal protectors are an essential component in battery packs, as they help to prevent overheating and fires. Thermal protectors are typically made of a material that is heat resistant and can be placed between the battery cells and external casing.

When choosing a thermal protector for your battery pack, it is important to consider the operating temperature range of the battery pack, as well as the maximum temperature that the protector can withstand. It is also important to choose a material that has good electrical insulation properties.

Investing in a thermal protector for your battery pack is a wise decision for several reasons. First, it can help to prevent fires and explosions. Second, it can extend the life of your battery pack by preventing overheating. Third, it can improve the safety of your battery pack overall.

Thermal protectors are an essential investment for any company that manufactures or uses battery packs

Saftty ST07 Series Thermal Protectors For Battery Packs

Saftty ST07 Series Thermal Protectors are a smart choice for battery pack manufacturers, not only to improve the safety of consumers using this battery pack, but also to enhance the performance of the product. Here are its main benefits:

  • High sensitivity:Individually temperature checked on modern equipment.
  • High-quality material:Material of the snap-action disc is made by the famous USA Engineer Material System. Sealed steel housing is suitable for most impregnation processes.
  • High tolerance:Repeatable temperature performance over life.
  • Multiple choices: Wide selection of leads and insulating sleeves.


A thermal protector is a necessary investment for battery packs. It helps to protect the batteries from overheating, which can cause fires or explosions. A thermal protector is an important safety feature that all battery packs should have. Therefore, why not consider choosing a reliable and quality-assured supplier such as Saftty.

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