The Top Wealthiest Neighborhoods in the US

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Bill Gates may be different in their creations. However, the one thing the two have in common is that they make up the one percent of the world’s population that resides in America’s richest areas. Naturally, it’s not because they got lucky on https://lightning-roulette-india.com/. A slew of other factors played in their growing wealth. The richest communities in America are excellent areas to purchase a home. This is thanks to lavish residences, top-notch services, unbroken seclusion, acres of green space, and other desired features. If you believe yourself to be in the top 1%, you may find yourself living next door to Google’s CEO.

1. Almaden Valley, California

Average house price: $1,907,910

Almaden Valley is undoubtedly the nicest area in San Jose for families wishing to relocate to California. The majority of the homes in this area were constructed in the 1960s with families in consideration. With outstanding schools and good accessibility to the area’s best parks, you’ll quickly realize that relocating to this popular neighborhood was the perfect decision.

2. Short Hills, New Jersey

Average house price: $1,694,930

Short Hills stands out from the surrounding communities because of its magnificent Cape Cod and Tudor-style, and contemporary homes. Safety and seclusion are what make this one of America’s richest neighborhoods. Top-rated schools and a quick drive to New York make living and having a family in this region worthwhile.

3. Upper East Side, New York

Average house price: $1,340,142

The Upper East Side, if you’ve ever asked which of New York’s rich neighborhoods is the most recognized, is the answer. The region has opulent townhouses, apartment complexes, and an interesting lifestyle that would justify breaking the bank. Residents rarely run out of activities thanks to posh shopping, great restaurants, and incredible museums.

4. Sea Cliff, California

Average house price: $4,256,164

Sea Cliff is an oceanside area in northern San Francisco that everyone wishes they could live in. The area’s colorful and opulent residences were all created by well-known architects to give it a distinct atmosphere. Sea Cliff, as one of the wealthiest areas in the United States, has attracted celebrities throughout the years.

5. Kalorama Heights, Washington, D.C.

Average house price: $1,466,940

Wish to live like the affluent residents of Washington, D.C.? If you can afford it, consider relocating to Kalorama Heights, a secluded and exclusive Washington, D.C. area. This is where former US President Barack Obama used to live. The off-grid community is situated on a hilltop, with many homes offering views of the city.

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