The Psychology of Packaging Design: Why Certain Package Designs Work

We know. We know. You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the fact is, your customers will do precisely that.

If you sell products, whether in a shop or through an eCommerce platform, you’ll soon find out that product packaging is crucial for making sales and ensuring customer retention.

The products themselves aren’t status symbols. The packaging themselves are also part of the experience of owning the product. But what are the packaging design solutions that work the best?

Here’s what you should know:


When deciding on your package design, you must consider what colors work best.

For example, many food and beverage products use red as their color of choice. This is because red is often associated with an appetite. Lingerie brands such as Victoria’s Secret will use a color such as pink that’s often associated with femininity.

You want to think about what colors work well with your design. How would you feel if you received a cologne in a black box versus a white box? How would you feel if your sundress came packaged in a yellow bag versus a gray bag?


Have you ever received a large box from your favorite online retailer only to realize that the product could have fit in a tiny envelope?

Apart from environmental waste, this is an aspect of the psychology of package design that so many marketers ignore.

Let’s suppose you need to buy a small and thin laptop that you can easily carry around. If the box is wide and large, you might think that the company gave you the larger model instead.

If you’re buying a luxury product, whether it’s premium lingerie or an expensive cologne, you want it in a compact box. This emphasizes that the product is exclusive and, thus, only has limited space.


You wouldn’t buy a pair of $1000 Tom Ford shoes if on the shoebox TOM FORD was written in Windings or, heaven forbid, Comic Sans MS!

Typography has the same effect as color. It represents the type of brand and products you’re trying to sell. The TOM FORD font emphasizes an understated sense of class.

The bold GUCCI font does the same and emphasizes that you’re buying a luxury product.

You’ll have to play around with many fonts before you determine which is the best typography. But make sure you take this step as seriously as you do when choosing your color.

Great colors but ugly fonts will turn away your potential customers. Make sure you hire a packaging design company to assist you.

Improve Your Packaging Design

Now you know how to go about improving your packaging design to improve your product sales and branding.

You want to first choose a great color or set of colors that represent your brand. These colors will get associated with your products and what you have to offer.

Make sure you also choose packaging that fits the products to scale. You want to also experiment with different fonts as bad typography gives the worst impression of a brand.

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