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The Best NightStands: Give an Exclusive Touch to Your Room

When furnishing a bedroom, the best and cheap nightstands are an essential element, which is really difficult to do without.

Choosing is not easy, because it must be placed in a harmonious context with the other furniture. Furthermore, it is intended for a  double room, must be purchased as a couple, and must satisfy the taste of both people.

Finally, it must be of adequate size, with a good surface on which to place various types of objects, with drawers or doors to put the most personal items to keep close at hand.

What is the best bedside table?

Among the furnishing furniture, the bedside table is perhaps the most personal, so much so that there is – in general – one for each member of the family: it is represented par excellence in charge of keeping secrets and things that are only ours.

This is why we can store all kinds of objects inside, from those of great emotional value to memories and cards, and photographs. We can also put any medicines to always have at hand, as well as a cosmetic cream for both face and body, to get up in the morning in better shape than ever.

On the shelf you can have enough space for an alarm clock, an abatjour to illuminate the room or read a bed, to store watches and jewels to put a book and our glasses on.

The online sale is able to satisfy every personal taste, required to choose the most suitable model to integrate into the most diverse furnishings.

On the web, you can find many offers at the lowest price, without having to wander a long shop in search of what you like.

Two-drawer nightstands

These two bedside tables are made of fiberboard (E1 class MDF) and wood, with a resistant and stable surface. They have a classic Baroque style, with crystal-clear drawer handles, feet, and wooden arch with non-slip washers, available in white.

It is mainly for their functionality and versatility, with good finish and stability and two large very spacious drawers. The dimensions of the bedside table are 52.5 cm high and 38.5 x 30.5 cm.

Urban NightStands

It is perfect for lovers of the shabby style that is everything that appears aged. It is characterized by a game of contrasts between the raw wood drawer and the classic style drawer which makes it suitable also in other environments such as the bathroom or living room.

The structure is in MDF while the drawers are in paulownia, light wood with thermal and acoustic insulating properties. The mobile phone is delivered already assembled. It measures 49 cm in height, with a 31 x 27 cm top. The drawers have a size of 18 x 22 x 23 cm.

How to choose the NightStand?

When buying a bedside table, several factors must be taken into consideration, starting with the style. Generally, it is transformed in such a way that it leans with the bedroom décor.

For example, it can be the color of the headboard or at least a similar style, so that the whole is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.

A fundamental aspect is that linked to the dimensions: including bedside tables with standard sizes, but also with a small footprint, which ideal for those who have little space available. All the more so, today’s bedroom is not as large as it used to be.

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