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How to Take Good Care of Skin in Summers?

With the arrival of scorching summer, our skin starts to experience changes. Due to extreme heat and humidity, our skin demands more protection. Excess heat can cause severe skin issues such as annoying rashes, acne, tan, and sunburns.

Therefore, it is essential to gear up your skincare routine so that your skin doesn’t experience summer skin bummers. Hence, the skincare routine is quite personal, and every person has different skin types and requirements. Furthermore, not every product or skincare method suits everyone.

Thus, it is essential to know about your skin type and find out the products that suit your skin best. Luckily, many companies in Pakistan now provide high-quality skincare products, such as Trulykomal, Eherbalskincare, etc.

Therefore, buy an entire regime of skincare products and apply them correctly for the best results. Skincare products are indeed quite expensive. However, it is not a big issue now because you can get discounts on different products by using cashback apps such as Savyour. For instance, if you want to buy an entire skincare regime from Trulykomal, use the Savior app and get extra discounts and cashback.

How does the Summer affect your skin?

During summer, the sebaceous glands on the skin release more oil, making skin greasy and sticky and causing clogged pores. People with oily skin are more prone to acne as oil with bacteria mixed in sweat causes blockage of skin pores leading to acne.

Furthermore, when our skin is exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays, the melanin hormone produces to protect the skin. Melanin hormone has photoprotective qualities. However, its excess release also makes our skin tone dark or tanned.

Tips to Improve Your Skin in the Summers:

Go through the following to know best skin care tips during summers:

1.  Wash your Face to Remove Excess Oil:

In summers, skin often becomes oily. It is necessary to wash your face with the face wash that suits your skin. Gently massage the face with face wash so it can deeply cleanse and remove all the dirt from your face.

In addition, people with dry skin should use foaming face wash. Furthermore, always opt for alcohol-free, mild, and pH-balanced face wash.

2.  Follow a Good Skincare Routine:

It is essential to opt for a good skincare routine and follow it regularly. Choose products according to your skin type. Opt for cream-based products for dry skin and water-based products for oily skin. Furthermore, add cleansing, moisturizing, and toning to your regular skincare routine.

3.  Antioxidants in your Skincare Regime:

Antioxidant serums are amazing in hydrating your skin. Furthermore, they also help protect your skin from damage by scavenging free radicals from the skin and boosting collagen. There are available good-quality antioxidant serums at the Trulykomal store. Furthermore, you can also add antioxidants to your diet by eating green vegetables and citrus fruits.

4.  Keep your Skin Hydrated:

Hydration becomes essential in summers because sun exposure damages dry skin. Therefore, rinse your face with water frequently or carry a facial mist to hydrate your face. Furthermore, you can apply a hydrating face mask at night for extra hydration.

5.  Wear Sunscreen:

The ultraviolet rays A and B coming from the sun cause severe damage to your skin. These rays can cause tan, premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Thus, it is essential to apply sunscreen of SPF 30-50 while going outdoors.

6.  Avoid Heavy Makeup:

The makeup acts as a barrier to your skin. It prevents your skin from breathing—makeup, in combination with heat and humidity, causes more severe damage to your skin. Therefore, you should avoid makeup in the summers. However, if it is necessary to wear makeup, it is best to use a tinted lip balm and tinted skin moisturizer.

7. Apply a Good Toner:

A toner plays a vital role in closing the open pores. Always use a cucumber or aloe vera-based toner to prevent the skin from clogging due to oil and sweating. Furthermore, it will be best to use a toner after cleansing your face.

8.  Use Moisturizer:

A moisturizer plays a vital role in keeping your skin hydrated. It acts as a protection layer on your skin. During summers, skin is already oily due to sweating and sebum. Therefore, you can opt for a non-greasy moisturizer.

Furthermore, it will be best if your moisturizer contains SPF and antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C. Always apply your moisturizer immediately after taking a bath.

9.  Take a Bath Twice a Day:

It is necessary to maintain good hygiene during summers. Therefore, you should shower twice a day because of excessive heat and sweating. Having a bath before going to bed can remove all the dirt, sebum, and germs accumulated daily. Furthermore, taking a bath twice a day will also prevent rashes.

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Excessive heat and blazing sun can severely affect your skin. However, following a good and effective skincare routine can prevent you from skin damage. Thus, follow a good skincare routine, eat healthily and opt for organic products for healthy and glowing skin.

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