Best Bar Stools: Key Features

Are you planning to furnish your bar with stools? Follow our advice and you will find exactly the right product for you.

The cheap bar stools offered by Alibaba are specially selected to meet the needs of catering professionals.

Regardless of the materials (eco-leather, steel, aluminum, etc.), bar stools must have certain characteristics in order to meet the needs of those who manage the bar: practicality, solidity, elegance, and resistance over time are the basic requirements but we will see that there are other details that should not be underestimated.

How to choose the best bar stool 

A bit like chairs, there are hundreds of stool models on the market competing for your consideration.

As always, attention must go to both the purely aesthetic and functional aspects, in order to compare prices from the right perspective.

Given that it is a relatively uncommon piece of furniture, we hope that our guide can help you choose the one that best suits your kitchen or commercial space.

What are the best stools for bars and restaurants?

1. High stools
It may seem obvious but the bar stool has to be high. Not all stools are the same and in order to be used in professional contexts, the stools must reach the height of the counter. This is not always the same but tends to be higher than a traditional seat, for example, a common chair. The term “high stools” is used precisely to identify all those stools suitable for a counter or, in other words, bar stools.

2. Ergonomic stools
The customer comes to the bar to relax at the end of a long day of work or for a small relaxing break: the comfort of the stools is therefore essential. When you want to decorate a bar, then, you must always try to get ergonomic stools. The customer will come more willingly and spend more time in the room.

3. Quality stools
The materials make the difference. In fact, it is not possible to have to change our set of stools every year for wear, damage, or simply because they are stained and dirty. When you want to furnish a bar, you need to choose stools made of materials that are as resistant to time and wear as possible, easy to clean, and able to maintain their elegance and functionality over time. The materials to choose from are not a few but you have to know how to choose them. Aluminum stools, eco-leather stools, polycarbonate stools, plastic stools, or steel stools can be fine. All materials that do not suffer from wear and are easy to clean: are a considerable saving in the long term.

4. Adjustable stools
The world is beautiful because it is diverse, as are our customers. If we use non-adjustable fixed stools, we run the risk of limiting the comfort and convenience of a good chunk of customers. Unless we are equipped with an adjustable counter, therefore, we try to choose height-adjustable stools, perhaps with a practical and functional system such as air jet adjustment. We remind you that customer comfort is a fundamental asset for the prosperity of our bar.

5. Elegant stools
To give our bar the right image you need the correct furniture. We cannot adopt substandard or tacky material. The stool is a very present piece of furniture in our recent history and the overabundance of historical models allows us to find elegant designs at affordable prices and the same can be said of new materials. Polycarbonate stools, like our San Josè, give us the opportunity to furnish our bar with elegant transparent stools, certainly an uncommon choice.

6. Cheap stools
After this list of features, you can think that to find the ideal bar stools you have to spend a lot of money. Fortunately, this is not the case. New technologies, new production systems, and, above all, new sales tools help today to find quality and design stools at more than accessible costs. Our ProduceShop site is a perfect example of high quality at the best price and if you browse our range of stools you will easily realize the beauty of the designs, the exclusive use of high-quality materials, and the more than accessible price.

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