Bachelor Party? Follow These Tips to Have a Great Time

Bachelor parties are something you can’t miss, whether it’s your friend’s or your brother’s. These are the times people have the most fun, more than the wedding day itself. But, if you are the one planning the bachelor party, you need to prepare and schedule a lot of things, and it cannot be just a simple and lame one, or you will lose your friends! So, ensure that you include the essential programs in the party, such as drinking night, beer pong, stripper cruise, and anything your friends will enjoy.

Now, you cannot just call everyone and start planning when the D-day is nearing. And you cannot plan way ahead of the day because the number of people coming to the party may increase or decrease. So that’s why you need to schedule the programs at the right time and for the right number of people.

What are the programs you should include in your bachelor party?

You can include many things in your party; you should remember that you might have a maximum of two days (weekends) before your buddies leave. So, below are some of the best games/programs you can arrange for your or your friend’s bachelor party:

Scavenger hunt

It may sound and look like a kid’s game, but it is not. Because you have alcohol in this game, the winner must take a shot after every win.

Things you need for this game: Alcohol, paper chits, shot glasses, and a bartender if you can arrange one. He is also included in the game as he will be the one hiding the clues. If you don’t understand the game, don’t worry. Below is the way you can play the game.

How to play: Hiding clues in four or five places is the first step. Then, hand out the first clue to the player and let them start searching for the rest of the clues and get the treasure or silly prizes at the finishing point.

Beer pong

Isn’t beer pong one of the most popular games at bachelor parties? Getting a DJ for the part will also boost the enthusiasm of people to play this game.

Things you need for this game: ping pong balls, equal-sized plastic cups, beer or any alcohol will be enough.

How to play: Divide the people into two teams and give them one ball. Arrange around ten to fifteen cups in a triangle and tell your team to throw the ball in the opponent’s cups.

Stripper on cruise

When you hear the phrase ‘bachelor party’, the first thing that comes to your mind is strippers. How can you not have strippers at a bachelor party? And, for a change, you can shift the party to a cruise ship, yes, arrange a stripper cruise as a surprise. That will be a fun night for everyone.

Now, how do you plan all these programs?

There’s a step-by-step process by which you can plan all these programs. By following the steps below, you can arrange a proper bachelor party within a few weeks.

  • Determine the guest list
  • Select a place
  • Fix the date
  • Arrange the accommodations
  • Plan your programs/schedule accordingly
  • Arrange group meals
  • Confirm attendance

Whatever you plan, ensure everybody can reach the destination and stay until the program ends. And always book a few more rooms for unexpected guests or surprise visits from those who thought they couldn’t come. Overall, a planned party with proper preparations will go as you imagine.

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