9 safety tips for sporting motorcyclist

Motorcycle riding is thrilling either as a sport or a hobby. But just like any other vehicle, you must put safety first to enjoy motorcycling.

There is no better time than now to brush up on your knowledge and learn new safety tips, whether you are a novice or an experienced rider.

Here are 9 sporting safety tips for you!

Check yourself, the bike, and the weather.

Be in good health before going for a ride. It takes a strong and healthy person to ride and control a motorcycle. Also, do not ride when you are tired, drunk, or on drugs.

Your bike must also be in good shape so it doesn’t bail on you. Unnoticed vehicle flaws are one of the factors that cause crashes.

Always inspect the motorcycle, lights, brakes, oil, tire pressure, fuel, and every other part before each ride. Please clean it up, replace or repair damaged parts, and fill up drained liquids.

Extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, and humidity all have riding risks. Know your weather and be prepared for it if you have to ride.

Create visibility

Always assume you are invisible to other road users. Create maximum visibility using reflective vests, and wear bright colors.

For your safety, dress to be spotted and always turn on the signals when turning left or right. When you are stuck or need help, please turn on your flashers and keep them blinking.

Wear correct and complete safety clothing

On your next biking adventure, do not neglect your motorcycle clothing. It is vital to wear the correct kind of gear, one in which you are comfortable while it gives optimum protection. These gears are essential for your safety and must cover you from head to toe.

If your safety clothing has not been used in a long time, check and be sure they are still in good shape. If torn, cracked, and worn out, you should replace the gears. You can get various quality motorcycle clothing from ChromeBurner.com.

Practice often

One way to boost your confidence and improve your skill is not to quit motorcycling. The first few tries may not go as you would want it. However, perfection comes with relentless practice.

Obey traffic rules

Traffic rules are set to ensure your safety and that of other road users. Please do your due diligence to obey them even when it seems unnecessary to you.

These laws include but are not limited to obeying the speed limit and using the right lane.

Take a safety course.

Knowledge is power. You can save yourself better when you know what to do in particular instances. Motorcycle safety courses will provide you with a complete understanding of motorcycling, its risks, and how to avoid and manage them. You will learn how to apply brakes, swerve and go off the road or bike in emergencies.

Have a first-aid kit

Certain manufacturers include mini first aid kits with a new motorcycle. It would be best if you always had these on. They might not be of immediate use to you, but you might be saving someone else’s life.

Research and Communicate

Here is the uncommon one. Before you start motorcycling, research your route to ensure it is safe or not traffic jammed. Seek alternative routes if possible.

If you are touring a new location, be fully informed through your research on how to move. You might as well need a tour guide.

Furthermore, communicate your movement to someone; there will always be a need.

Stay at a safe distance.

Do not ride too closely behind another vehicle, this is not safe. Instead, stay at a safe distance.


All these tips can change your overall motorcycling experience for good if followed. Remember that your safety is of uttermost importance while having fun.

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