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6 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Roof

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Are you planning to improve the roof of your house or office building? You can make refurbishing your roof an exciting project by adding extras to it. With the correct roof anchor point installation, you can change tiles, repaint or install a roof access hatch Melbourne homeowners swear by.

To give you ideas we’ve provided six tips on how you can upgrade your roof, either to enhance its aesthetics or to add an extra space on your property. Keep reading to find out more.

1.      Install a Skylight

Skylights are popular in Australia because they allow natural light to shine into your home. Furthermore, a skylight lowers your utility bill because it allows solar energy to heat up a room. If you want to improve the ventilation in your home, install a skylight that can open.

The best place to install a skylight is in a room that doesn’t get much sunlight during the day. These rooms tend to be cold and dreary, especially during winter. Simply installing a skylight in the middle of your ceiling will allow enough natural light to illuminate an entire room.

2.      Roof Access Hatch for Roof Decks

If you have a roof deck, you’ll need a safe way to enter the area. You could place stairs on the side of your house but this can affect the aesthetics of your home. Instead, install a roof access hatch so you can get onto your roof safely.

A proper access hatch will have a retractable ladder and railings. Using the hatch, you can access your roof from the inside of your home. Moreover, access hatches allow you to get onto your roof easily for maintenance repairs.

3.      Adding a Roof Balcony

A roof balcony can add an extra space to your home where you can spend your time outdoors. Break down a part of your roof to add an entryway so you can easily access your new outdoor living space.

Here are benefits you can experience when you build a roof balcony:

  • A large space to entertain guests
  • A quiet place to relax and read a book
  • You’ll have a place with a view
  • Provides a higher return on investment for your property

You can decorate the area with lights and add comfortable seating. If you have a small yard then a roof balcony is the perfect place to install a hot tub or small swimming pool. Or add extras such as fireplaces so you can keep warm during winter.

4.      Flat Roofs Are Perfect for Gardens

Small properties don’t give you much room to grow a garden or even add a greenhouse. If you have a flat roof you can install a deck where you can build a garden. A roof garden will get ample sunlight throughout the day so it’s perfect to grow succulents or vegetables.

Another advantage of a roof garden is that you won’t experience major pest problems. Grow fruit and vegetables in a small greenhouse to protect your produce from birds.

To add privacy to your rooftop garden, install trellises and allow vines to grow around them to create a green wall. You can also add a roof hatch to your garden so you can access the area safely whenever you want to do gardening.

5.      Change Your Roof’s Colour

Faded roof paint can affect your curb appeal. Ideally, you should repaint and reseal your roof once every 5 years. You can also change the colour of your roof to complement the look of your home. Bright red is a popular choice but you can also go for an unconventional colour such as bright orange or green.

If you use a contractor that paints roofs ensure they abide by Australia’s height and safety rules. You’ll need roof anchor points and strong harnesses to prevent anyone from falling off the roof while they paint. This is especially true if you’re working on a sloped roof.

6.      Create Patterns with Your Tiles

A new roof trend is creating patterns with your tiles. You’ll have different tiles, either in a light or a dark tone. Start installing your tiles in rows. Add a dark tile first and then a light one. When you get to the next row, add a light tile under the dark one. This will create a checked pattern.

Most tiles are interlocking so you can easily slot them into place. For safety you’ll need to build scaffolding. This way you can easily get onto your roof and have a place to put your tiles while you’re working.

Final Thoughts

As you can see in this article, there are many ways you can spruce up your roof or create extra space for entertainment or outdoor gardens. Simply ensure that you have the right height and safety equipment when working on your roof. Use the tips in this article to help you upgrade your roof and increase your property’s value easier than you thought!

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