4WD accessories – What Should You Buy

4WD owners have a unique set of needs and priorities when it comes to buying accessories for their vehicles. The good news is that there are many different companies out there that produce some great products for your 4WD! So if you’re looking to buy 4WD accessories or even upgrade an existing accessory, then read on. We’ll cover everything from snorkels, winches, roof racks/boxes and suspension systems in this article so you can get the best bang for your buck.


A snorkel is a tube that extends above the engine of your vehicle and allows it to breathe. It provides fresh air to the engine, so it doesn’t have to draw in hot, polluted air through the grille or radiator.

The purpose of the snorkel is to provide fresh air for your car’s cooling system when driving through deep water or mud and other items that keep you from getting enough oxygen into the system. This can happen when you are crossing rivers, going up hills with thick foliage, driving on unpaved roads like 4WD trails, or driving off-road on dirt roads where there might be tall grasses blowing around in front of your vehicle.


Winches are a must-have for your 4WD, and they can be used to perform many functions. You can use them to pull out vehicles from mud and sand, or you can pull out other vehicles that may be stuck in the mud. They’re also perfect for pulling trees, rocks and other obstacles from the road so that you don’t get stuck trying to go around them. Winches are great tools for assisting if someone else gets stuck on their way down a trail and needs help getting unstuck.

Roof Racks or Roof boxes

A roof rack is designed to carry extra gear, like surfboards and kayaks. Roof boxes are designed to carry extra gear and provide added security by locking them in place.

Roof racks are made for specific vehicle models and years. Check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing a roof rack, as they may not fit your vehicle perfectly.

Roof boxes can be fitted to any vehicle if you have an existing roof rack installed on your car or truck.


Suspension is the main component that affects your 4WD’s ability to maintain a comfortable ride. A car with a bad suspension will feel like you’re driving in a boat, meaning it’ll be extremely bumpy and uncomfortable.

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of four different components: leaf springs (also called coil springs), shock absorbers, struts and control arms.

Driving Lights

Driving lights are a must for any 4WD and are essential for off-road driving. They provide much better visibility in the dark, especially on rough terrain. Driving lights will make it easier to spot dangers such as tree stumps and rocks when you’re going through an area not regularly travelled or just after sunset when there’s no light from the moon or stars to guide you.


Some people may be more concerned about cost than others are, so for those who want quality but might not have time for DIY projects or extensive research into their options yet still like to buy 4wd accessories from reputable suppliers – why not try one of our pre-made packages? These come with all your needs covered at competitive prices (plus free delivery Australia-wide), saving you both time and money on what would otherwise be an expensive shopping trip around town!

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