2 Versatile Machines Making Warehousing And Construction Job Functions Easier

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While project managers of construction sites and warehouse house managers have very different job portfolios, they share a common goal: to get work done as efficiently as possible. Often that involves hiring the right machine for a specialised task.

One common option is to make use of the dingo hire Melbourne and other Australian cities have on offer. For warehousing tasks, a wide range of machinery can make many job functions so much easier.

What is a Dingo and Why Your Jobsite Needs One

Mini loaders, locally known as dingos, are smaller versions of the large loaders you see moving things around on a job site. Since dingos are smaller, they’re ideal for use in limited-access job sites.

For the most part, they’re used for levelling sand, soil, gravel, rubble and even mulch. They’re also great for loading trailers, trucks and bins. Their smaller size makes them easy to manoeuvre around the site and even between different sites.

Benefits of Using a Dingo

There are several reasons why you should consider using a dingo around your job site:

  • Narrow spaces: Their small and efficient design makes it very easy for dingos to fit in narrow spaces. Dingos can fit between fences and through most doorways, making them ideal all over the job site.
  • Standing: Sitting on a machine the whole day can cause back and neck strain. The dingo allows the driver to stand up, reducing fatigue and pressure on the back.
  • Versatile: Since dingos can pick up and move a wide variety of materials as well as levelling most areas, these machines are quite versatile. This means you can get a bunch of work done with one machine.
  • Attachments: Another factor that adds to a dingo’s versatility is the many attachments it can work with. Simply attach a different attachment and your little dingo is good to perform another function.
  • Various sizes: Different sizes are available to suit the needs of your project.

What is a Scissor Lift?

Another nifty machine that’s very versatile is a scissor lift. While you won’t see many on an outdoor job site, you’ll definitely see them buzzing around warehousing and industry sites.

Essentially, a scissor lift falls in the access equipment category and allows you to work safely at different heights. Using a scissor lift makes it easy to place or remove products from high shelves, as you’d find in warehouses.

Why Your Warehouse Will Benefit From Using a Scissor Lift

Working at heights is often dangerous, depending on the actual height and the items that need moving around. This makes it essential to use the safest and most effective equipment to get the job done.

Scissor lifts are the perfect option. Additionally, scissor lift hire makes it easy for any warehouse to access the machine for as long as needed. Hiring a unit also means you have access to the latest machines without the costs of maintenance.

Some of the benefits of using scissor lifts include the following:

  • Additional safety: While ladders can reach some heights, they’re not safe for trying to bring items from a shelf, especially if the items are heavy. A scissor lift provides more stability. With guardrails and a heavy base, there’s less risk of falling.
  • Flexibility in function: Scissor lifts are ideal for loading and unloading a variety of items in different sizes and weights. Factors such as a variety of base and platform heights, as well as different heights to which they can extend make this machine very versatile.
  • Easier storage: Many types of aerial lifts are big and bulky and take up a considerable amount of storage space. Since a scissor lift is mobile and not bulky, it’s easier to store, even if you only have limited space available in the warehouse.
  • Ergonomic and good for health reasons: Working in a comfortable, ergonomic position prevents employees from having to bend in awkward positions to get the job done. With a scissor lift, the machine does all the hard work. There’s less risk of employees hurting themselves while lifting heavy objects.
  • Portability: Unlike many other aerial lifts, scissor lifts are mobile so they’re easy to move around. Workers can also drive them around to wherever they need to work, so there’s no need to get another machine to move a heavy, bulky ladder.
  • Improved productivity: Since scissor lifts have elevation controls they offer better precision than rungs on a ladder. There’s no need to move a ladder, and you can efficiently work at exactly the spot you need to, without stretching up or stooping down. This gets much more work done and improves productivity remarkably.

Final Tip: Hire it!

Whether you work in a warehouse or on an outdoor job site, opting to hire the machines you need is one of the most efficient ways of getting the job done. You don’t have to spend precious capital and there’s fewer issues with maintenance.

Now, choose the efficient option and get the job done!

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